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What is the .GSW File Extension?

.GSW File Extension Description:

The file extension .gsw is used as GraphShow's Worksheet file, which describes the Animation Package applied on Graph Algorithms written in Java. The GraphShow application that generates the file extension .gsw was developed because of a university grant that foresaw the emerging trend, and extensive usage of Java. Because of this technology, it can empower the .gsw file extension to display different types of graphs on the Internet.

The demonstrations of graph algorithms associated with the .gsw file extension include searching via depth-first and breath-first and lay outing of graphs, including the partitioning of graphs. The latest release of the application producing the file extension .gsw, is supported by the Java jdk1.1, and is projected to be capable of running under the Java 2 (referred to as jdk1.2), which is currently still in the development stage. The concentration of the program on graphs allows for the simplification of the options provided for the possible trigger events of the animated scene, due to the underlying graph that can be edge, or vertex -based.

This fact makes the application of the file extension .gsw simpler and easier, while taking advantage of the feature rich set of algorithms for graphs that the package can implement with customized settings. The aim of the implementation is to provide an animation set, that can be incorporate algorithms applied in sparse matrix and named SparShow, because the graph models generated by the application are integral elements of the entire package.

The file extension .gsw is also used by the GRDSOZ4W, which was lifted from the Gerdsooz Farsi/ English language interactive editor, created by Ali Moadeyian. The .gsw file extension serves as the Source File of the application, which essentially performs the task of script generator for the Persian language that was written in C language, using ASCII character sets to create the Persian Script. The Gerdsooz application that generates the file extension .gsw, functions by translating the contents of the input file keyed in the English language, and implements transliteration in order to map the characters to the Persian counterpart. Mapping of characters is based on the available font file that uses mikhi (size 10) font by default.

The font height of the translated contents of the file extension .gsw is contained in the H3 font file, with the character and position for the transcribed Persian script defined within the ASCII map. The font mechanism implemented by the application is flexible enough to easily accommodate changes in the default font and style applied that can even be utilized in producing UNIX banner applications.

Author: Ali Moayedian, Joseph W.H. Liu
Author URL:
Related Applications: Gerdsooz, GraphShow
Common Path: User Defined


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What Causes .GSW files Errors?

.GSW files errors are potential critical Windows errors and are often brought on due to a defective registry entry that you should fix at once to protect against additional damage in other applications and/or devices. As long as the errors continue your computer remains at risk for potential blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .GSW files Errors:

Typical symptoms from .GSW files errors include reduced computer speed, extended software load times, problems opening files, long breaks in application procedures, programs ends without an error, screen halts and applications lock up.

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