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What is the .GZ File Extension?

.GZ File Extension Description:

The implementation of the file extension .gz can be seen in two programs that are utilized under the GNU Operating System, which is similar to UNIX but is considered as open software. The word GNU is actually a recursive acronym because it stands for GNU's, Not UNIX, hence; all programs that are deployed under this environment are legal open to redistribution, modification, and copying without any legal obstacles. The .gz file extension is therefore covered by the Copyleft stipulation, which states that redistribution of free programs carry with it the explicit approval of the developer to anyone who intends to edit the software, without limitations to the ownership claims and location restriction.

The archiving program GNU zip implements the file extension .gz, which is the free software equivalent to the popular ZIP utility commonly found under the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform. Jean-loup Gailly with Mark Adler coding the decompression feature, which is both implemented to produce the .gz file extension, created the compression code. The program was intended to replace Compress, which was using the LZW algorithm, the patent of which belonged to IBM and Unisys. Thus, the need to produce a program that is truly free software, which led to the creation of the more superior (in terms of compression ratio) Gzip.

The file extension .gz is capable of reducing file sizes to a maximum of 50 percent of its original, which is more than substantial compared to more popular, commercially available utilities in its category. The file extension .gz ordinarily contains only one file in the archive, which is done simply by typing the program's name followed by the archive name. This process results in the creation of the archive with the default .gz file extension. To decompress the file extension .gz, the command GUNZIP is used followed by the archive's name.

The other GNU based program to utilize the file extension .gz is the GIMP, which is also an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program that is used for photograph editing. The program that can produce the file extension .gz is very flexible, with features that can be applied to simple painting up to more complex photograph retouching or image authoring, with capabilities for batch processing (online). The program is likewise able to implement mass production of image rendering for the .gz file extension.

Author: The GIMP Team, Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: GIMP, Gzip
Common Path: C:/


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The Cause for .GZ files Errors:

A common and likely cause for .GZ files errors is failure in the Windows program registry - fixing is needed to protect against additional corruption in other software and/or hardware devices. Dangers include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .GZ files Errors:

.GZ files errors produce many symptoms, such as: pc hangs while shutting down or starting up, applications halt, diminished personal computer speed, internal speaker beeping, trouble saving documents, sluggish behaviour and program installation trouble.

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What is the .GZ File Extension?    |    Repair .GZ File Errors    |    Scan for .GZ File Extension Errors