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What is the .HBK File Extension?

.HBK File Extension Description:

The HBK file extension is a compilation of information projected to supply a ready reference. The HBK file extension works almost the same as help files; it is a guide on the processes and manipulations of one software program.

There are a number of programs that use the HBK file extension. One is the Auto Backup Archive. This is a program designed for generating automatic backing up of data to a local disk, remote FTP server, or the Network neighborhood. It allows the restoration of data, transfer engine, and automatic multiple backups tasking with the use of its built-in scheduler. It also searches files from the backup archives.

Another program that uses the HBK file extension is the Handycafe Database File. This software is used for cybercafes. Its firewall option allows users to connect, filter, and restrict Web sites for protections. Its design accesses, monitors, and manages all computers using the Remote Control Module and Visual Computer Supervision without leaving your desk. It has also a Cashier Control that manipulates all revenues of the authorize cashier and reports at any given time.

Also a program that handles files with the file extension HBK, Hex Workshop Hex Editor is a set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Windows. It is a combination of an advanced binary editing and word processing utility that copies, cuts, deletes, edits, inserts, pastes, prints, or exports to HTML or RTF for publication. Hex Editor contains two features. The Integrated Structure Viewer that is used to edit and view data. It helps users make a hex editing into a convenient way. It is usually in a form of a text file, similar to C/C++. On the other hand, the Data Inspector, which is designed for editing, interpreting, and viewing hex values, supplies a number of operations that is used to manipulate and put your data into place.

The MathCad Handbook program also uses HBK file extensions. MathSoft, Inc develops this program. It helps solve engineering or mathematical problems, and high calculations. It is a calculating processor, which evaluates using the input formulas and programmed calculating methods. It also helps users to design their works. It enables editing, formatting, and inputting of data. The MathCad visual format and scratchpad interface add typical mathematical information, text, and graphs in a single worksheet. These make MathCad best for calculation reuse, engineering collaboration, and knowledge capture. It designs and applies engineering calculations with complete mathematical functions and methods. It also graphs functions in two or three dimensions, use the Greek alphabet in either upper or lower case in both text and equations, symbolic calculation, curve fitting, finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors, implementing subprograms, vector and matrix operations, statistical functions and probability distributions, solving differential equations with several possible numerical methods, finding roots of polynomials and functions, symbolically solving systems of equations, and calculations in which units are bound to quantities.

HexWorkshop Hex Editor, MathCad Handbook

Author: Han-Soft Software, Ates Software, BreakPoint Software Inc., MathSoft Inc.
Author URL:,,,
Related Applications: Auto Backup Backup Archive, Handcafe Database file,
Common Path: N/A


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What Causes .HBK files Errors to Occur?

.HBK files errors are potential critical Windows file system errors and many times are caused due to a defective program registry that needs to be fixed right away to protect against further failure in other software and/or devices. While the errors remain your personal computer remains in danger of possible blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .HBK files Errors:

Common symptoms from .HBK files errors include poor computer speed, long program start up times, failure loading files, excessive pauses in application routines, applications closes without an error, screen freezing and programs lock up.

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