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What is the .HDR File Extension?

.HDR File Extension Description:

Files with the .hdr file extension are images with high dynamic range (HDR) details particularly in brightness range from deep shadows to bright highlights. They typically contain more range than those images, which can be captured with traditional photographic techniques. These files contain much wider color ranges, which are usually between 48 to 96 bits of range per pixel. They have no color profiles but possess linear type of response curves.

The HDR file extension is used when you want to create HDR images that can be displayed on special HDR monitors, or if you want to produce standard pictures with Tonal Range Control or Tone Mapping, or if you intend to use HDR images for rendering computer generated scenes with special effects. The basis for its creation depends on how you will use the final image.

Creating HDR images involves shooting many exposure brackets that are overlapping. By utilizing special software, these exposures are then combined into a file with the .hdr file extension. In similar manner, exposures shot 2 stops apart with traditional SLR type digital cameras or images shot 4 stops apart with Panoscan cameras can be combined to produce the same results.

HDR images require higher number of bits per color channel than other images because of linear encoding and their need to represent the range of visible luminance values, which is from 10-4 to 108, or more. But in order to provide appropriate transfer function, HDR pixels for some applications can be projected with only few 10-12 bits for luminance and 8 bits meant for chrominance even without the need to introduce any quantization artifacts that are visible.

Thus, there are several file compression engines that offer compression of files with the .hdr file extension in order to reduce file size. Radiance is considered as the most viable format for storing HDR images. It has two stages in compressing these files: scaling the three point values to share a common 8-bit exponent taken from the brightest of the three and performing run length encoding on 32-bit pixel values. OpenEXR is actually notable for its capability to support 16-bits for every channel's point values (floating) with an exact sign bit, 5-bit exponent, and 10-bit mantissa allowing dynamic range of over 30 stops of exposure. Adobe Photoshop also supports uncompressed HDR files and retains full dynamic range color. It actually lets you edit and retouch files with the .hdr file extension with special exposure slider.

Author: Greg Ward
Author URL: http://www.anyhere.com/gward
Related Applications: Adobe Photoshop, Radiance, OpenEXR
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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What Causes .HDR files Errors?

A common and likely reason for .HDR files errors is failure in the Windows program registry - fixing is required to prevent more corruption in other software and/or system devices. Dangers include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .HDR files Errors?

Typical symptoms with .HDR files errors include poor personal computer speed, extended program load speed, trouble loading files, extended breaks in program functions, applications closes without displaying an error, screen freezing and programs crash.

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