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What is the .HNC File Extension?

.HNC File Extension Description:

The file extension .hnc is implemented within the Computer Numerical Control system. It is specific to a particular device that interprets G-code commands, and controls the machine tool, providing it with operational parameters via the loaded software program. The .hnc file extension is specifically identified with the Heidenhain Dialog 355 Control's program file, created with its built-in editor, applying word address syntax.

The .hnc file extension allows the setting up of the tool library using the MIDI screen; use Jog Mode in setting datum positions; choose Start Cycle (Single Block or Auto Modes); loading and storing of programs through the system's control filling; connect via RS232 DNC; and extensive M and G code programming assistance.

Everything that is required of a machine operator can be programmed into CNC machines with the use of .hnc file extension types, which helps to run and maintain the machine in a simple manner, with optimum efficiency on the production line. The CNC machines allowed manufacturers to fully automate the production process, giving machine operators time to conduct other tasks like machine maintenance, and measurement of workpieces. The file extension .hnc is beneficial for workers on the production line, especially in instances where it may involve quite a long time when processing voluminous number of orders.

Some of the features that can be programmed with the implementation of the file extension .hnc include motion control. This is common in every CNC machine that responds to at least two directions referred to as AXES. This term corresponds to either a rotary, or a linear path that the machine's movement takes, with the number of axes depending on the complexity of the machine. Another programmable feature related to the .hnc file extension is the accessories, which refers to the command for directing the machine to perform actions, other than moving along axes.

In the context of the file extension .hnc, a CNC program is a systematic chain of commands written in sentence form, which will direct the machine to carry out the instructions in a sequential manner. A CNC control on the other hand, refers to the interpretation of the CNC program, and is responsible for activating the contents of the program in a sequential manner.

The file extension .hnc is also applied to the Note File created by the application NoteCenter, which organizes data collected from the hard drive in an outline fashion, utilizing HTML-like structure.

Author: CNC SIMULATION SYSTEMS, Domas Savickas
Author URL:
Related Applications: CNC, NoteCenter
Common Path: User Defined


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The Frequent Reason for .HNC files Errors:

.HNC files errors are potential serious Windows registry errors and can be brought on by a damaged program registry that you should fix immediately to prevent additional corruption in other applications and/or hardware. Dangers include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .HNC files Errors:

.HNC files errors bring on many symptoms, such as: pc locks while shutting down or starting up, programs halt, diminished system speed, built-in speaker beeps, trouble opening documents, sluggish behaviour and trouble installing programs.

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