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What is the .HP File Extension?

.HP File Extension Description:

THOR stands for Thesaurus Oriented Retrieval, a chemical database system developed to store and retrieve chemical information in a way that makes sense to the chemist. It uses the THOR's language, the common language of all chemists that allows the stored chemical information to be referenced by an unlimited number of inaccurate synonyms such as states, isomers, mixtures, congeners, etc. The language also keeps the relationships between each name, what is known about it, and how it is related to other names.

Each THOR database actually consists of six files, namely:

付he description file with the extension THOR;

付he lockfile appended with the LCK extension;

付he primary data file that has the DP extension;

付he cross-reference file with the extension DX;

付he hash file cross-reference appended with the HX extension;

病nd the primary hash file with the extension HP.

Files with the .hp extension contain the corresponding hash table of the data. It allows O(1), pronounced as "order one", to access the primary data via SMILES (Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification). By using the unique SMILES of a molecule as its primary identifier, THOR is able to remove all searching during data retrieval.

The most important feature of files with the .hp extension is they can be directly accessed unlike similar files appended with different extensions requiring users to conduct time-consuming searches. The access time of these files does not depend on the size of the database. In contrast, it is based on three factors, and these include:

鰭ow long it takes to compute h(K,N);

付he speed of the disk;

病nd the number of average collisions.

Files with the .hp extension is always enclosed with the position of the head record containing the hash table. The link of the record handles the location of the previous record with the same h(K,N) and so on to the sequence of the last record. This indicates that the end of the chain has been reached.

The ability to use hash tables contained in files with the .hp extension is directly related to SMILES properties. This means unlike various other identifiers utilized in order to name such molecules, the uniqueness of SMILES is a fundamental property of the molecule. This also means only a single unique "SMILES" is meant for any specified molecule. Moreover, the data for a certain molecule will also be stored in a similar record whenever a large database continues to grow and even if several people enter data.

Author: Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: THOR Database
Common Path: N/A


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What Causes .HP files Errors to Occur?

A common and likely explanation for .HP files errors is damage in the Windows registry - cleaning is needed to prevent more harm in other applications and/or hardware devices. Experiencing these errors puts your computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as device failure.

.HP files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Common symptoms from .HP files errors include poor personal computer performance, extended program start up times, failure loading documents, excessive suspensions in software functions, programs closing without an error, screen freezing and programs crash.

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