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What is the .HP8 File Extension?

.HP8 File Extension Description:

HP uses The HP8 file extension for their NewWave ASCII Roman-8 character set. NewWave was HP's version of a graphical desktop environment. The Roman-8 character set enables users to display European characters and capital A with a Grave Accent. The term character set is synonymous to character encoding because at times, they are used to describe how text is represented digitally. To realize the significance of the HP8 file extension would mean having a basic understanding of character encoding. When using a computer, written language is encoded by representing graphemes or text elements by means of sequences of characters. These characters will then be represented in the computers in terms of binary, since this is the only means of representation the computer recognizes.

A character set is like a mapping that defines a one-to-one correspondence between a set of nonnegative integers and what is called a character repertoire. The character set assigns a unique numerical code to each character in the repertoire. ASCII is said to be the most commonly used character set. For example, the number 97 in the ASCII system would mean the Latin letter "a" for users. Users see the numbers as text elements in whatever writing system they are using. Therefore, using the same principle, the HP8 file extension provides the user with a character set that map out European characters, which can be displayed when using the HP NewWave.

The HTML 2.0 standard that is used for Web pages is the ISO Latin-1 Character Set, and this unfortunately does not recognize the character correspondence provided by the HP8 file extension. Additionally, the Square Box, or decimal 252, in the Roman-8 character set is changed into another character when using Reflection-a windows terminal emulator. Users could disable the printer translation when setting up Reflections.

One important application of the HP8 file extension provides is the implementation of the Euro. The Euro symbol has replaced the 'sputnik' character at position decimal 186. The new character set is now known as HP Roman-9.

Author: Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Author URL:
Related Applications: NewWave ASCII Roman-8 Character Set
Common Path: N/A


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The General Reason for .HP8 files Errors:

Upon receiving errors with .HP8 files you are in all likelihood experiencing a severe Windows file error - this error might be the outcome of damage to your registry and you should move to repair it right away to avoid further damage to your program registry. While the errors continue your system stays capable of potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .HP8 files Errors:

Typical symptoms from .HP8 files errors include reduced personal computer performance, excessive application load speed, trouble opening documents, extended pauses in software routines, applications closing without displaying an error message, input freezing and programs crash.

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