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What is the .HPF File Extension?

.HPF File Extension Description:

The HPF file extension is used with High Performance Fortran, and is used in storing source codes and script files. Files in the .hpf file extension contain source codes that are utilized as an input to a process that creates an executable program. It can also contain flow control statements, commands, and data.

High Performance Fortran provides a set of extensions to Fortran 90, which gives access to features for high performance architecture, while providing portability across platforms. Programs created in High Performance Fortran are stored as a file with an .hpf file extension. In 1993, High Performance Fortran gave a portable syntax for the expression of data-parallel computations made in Fortran 90. It has a construct that is able to support parallel computing.

Files in the .hpf file extension are built on array syntax, based on Fortran 90. It also utilizes the data parallel computation model of computation, to be able to support the spreading of work of a single array computation on multiple processors. Fortran 90 is a general purpose and procedural programming language that is ideal for scientific and numeric computing. IBM originally created it for engineering and scientific applications. It has been used for intensive areas that require computation, like finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and computational chemistry.

Fortran 90 evolved to support numerous extensions like High Performance Fortran, while retaining its compatibility with previous versions. High performance Fortran has features like FORALL that has the capability to create procedures that are side effect free. It also has additional library routines such as environmental inquiry, data scattering and sorting of operations. Source codes stored in the .hpf file extension makes up a program that are held in one or several text files. It contains a collection of files that are needed to convert from a human readable form created in High Performance Fortran, into an executable form for a computer.

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Related Applications: High Performance FORTRAN, FORTRAN 90
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The Frequent Reason for .HPF files Errors:

A common and likely explanation for .HPF files errors is failure in the Windows program registry - cleaning is needed to avoid more harm in other software and/or hardware devices. As long as the errors remain your computer stays capable of possible blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .HPF files Errors:

.HPF files error symptoms include application freezes, system start up or shut down problems, jerky computer performance, sluggish behaviour, screen halts, beeping sounds, problems accessing application files as well as issues while installing software.

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