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What is the .INC File Extension?

.INC File Extension Description:

The .inc file extension is a text file associated with the JAWS for Windows software application, which gives computers access to various programs including the Internet. The computer's audio card works with the .inc file extension's speech synthesizer program, to read out to the user what is currently displayed on the screen. The application that creates the file extension .inc is classified as one of the more popular screen readers in the market, providing a path towards diverse technological implementations in the field of business applications and education. The application is also capable of outputting Braille displays that can be refreshed on the screen, giving unqualified support not seen on other existing screen reader applications.

The file extension .inc is associated with the Eloquence for JAWS, which is the multi-lingual speech synthesizer software that supports American and British English, Castilian and Latin American Spanish, German, French Canadian, French, Italian, Finnish, and Brazilian Portuguese languages. The application boasts of a talking interactive installation process that allows fast and easy startup, without the need for visual assistance. The file extension .inc is supported by every standard Windows based application (does not require extra configuration), with an enhanced integration with more popular and commonly used software applications, like Microsoft and WordPerfect Office, IBM Lotus Notes, and even Corel.

The file extension .inc is also used as a text based file, which is referred to as an Include File that is commonly utilized for declarations, functions, headers, and other reference data needed by a source code, usually associated with Pascal, C/C++, PHP and Java, among others. The .inc file extension helps to make efficient programs, by allowing the referencing on a single file by multiple files, which is a better method than writing codes several times. Under the PHP programming language, the .inc file extension can be invoked with the Include Function that essentially reads the contents of the file, and reinserts it to the various files that implement scripts using the function. This is extremely useful because a developer can create a single header or even a common menu file that can be included in various web pages, and changed when adding new pages, which is far easier than updating several web page links.

The .inc file extension is usually utilized for modular coding purposes, because it allows making changes to minimal number of files that can affect numerous applications on a web site, without having to edit any of those applications. The file extension .inc is also useful in saving valuable storage space and system resources, by placing functions in different include files, so that only pages that are in need of the specific code will access the file by retrieving all text coding, and copying it to the calling file.

Author: The PHP Group, Freedom Scientific
Author URL: http://www.php.net/ http://www.freedomscientific.com/
Related Applications: PHP, JAWS, Microsoft, WordPerfect Office, IBM Lotus Notes, Corel
Common Path: User Defined


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What Causes .INC files Errors?

Upon encountering errors with .INC files you are likely having a severe Windows file error - this error may be the outcome of damage in your program registry and you should move to fix it right away to avert further damage to the program registry. Risks include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .INC files Errors:

.INC files errors produce numerous symptoms, including: system hangs on shut down or start up, softwares lock up, reduced computer performance, built-in speaker beeps, trouble loading files, slow system behaviour and software installation trouble.

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