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What is the .IT File Extension?

.IT File Extension Description:

The file extension .it is used by the module of the Impulse Tracker software application, which is an audio tracking application developed from South Australia that functions similarly to the Scream Tracker application. The .it file extension is a proprietary file format used by the application, which also supports MOD and S3M audio file formats that have similar structure to the .it file extension. The .it file extension features a bigger limit used with pattern of lines, higher sample quality, and effects.

The Impulse Tracker application that generates the .it file extension is classified as a music sequencer popularly used in DOS environments, and distributed freely on various networks. The application was developed using Assembly language, which is a low-level machine language used primarily to allow direct manipulation of computer hardware. The audio files that use the .it file extension created by the application, arranged the music by channel grids with each supporting a feature for toggling notes, similar to the functionality of MIDI.

The modules that use the .it file extension is set apart from other trackers, which is the support they provide for MIDI hardware channels found on Sound Blaster 32, InterWave and Gravis Ultrasound audio card families. The .it file extensions associated with the application contains parameters, bit fields and other information, that will help the application to instantly reload them on next usage.

The file extension .it is also used as a Topographic Map Data for the VisIT application, which is a GIS mapping software that displays Denmark's topographical briefs. The application VisIT that uses the .it file extension contains all the standard functions of a GIS application, like real time updating, and display of land descriptions. Users can use the pan and the zoom feature of the application to get a better appreciation of the geographical map. The .it file extension is associated with the functionality of the application of saving a copy of the map either to the clipboard, or outputting it to the printer.

Intalk is an application that allows the user to make calls right from his computer's desktop with simple point and click operation. The file extension .it is used in relation to the settings and configuration of the application, which are loaded upon program execution. This application is a one-stop communication tool that allows the user to chat, talk, and exchange files with anyone around the world.

Author: inTALK, Jeffrey Lim, Kort &:, Matrikelstyrelsen
Author URL:
Related Applications: ModPlug Player, CocoModX, inTalk, VisIT
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .IT files Errors?

A typical and frequent reason for .IT files errors is damage in the Windows program registry - fixing is essential to protect against more harm in other software and/or system devices. Risks include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .IT files Errors:

.IT files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, including but not limited to: computer hangs while starting up or shutting down, applications freeze up, diminished pc performance, internal speaker beeping, problems loading documents, sluggish behaviour and program installation problems.

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