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What is the .IVE File Extension?

.IVE File Extension Description:

Associated with 3D graphics applications that use various pipeline stages in creating 3D imagery and objects, the file extension .ive is identified with the OpenSceneGraph toolkit. Majority of 3D packages are designed as a plug-in oriented system, utilizing sometimes very complex plug-ins to render 3D animations. The role of the .ive file extension in the toolkit is to provide the Native Binary Format for the application. A native binary format like the .ive file extension generates binary strings (the machine processor can only decipher binary codes), specified by the formatString command based on specific arguments. As the name suggests, the file extension .ive contains a series of binary digits (0s and 1s), by taking the tcl values and converting them to arrive at the binary string result.

The application is a high performance toolkit developed under Open Source licensing for 3D imagery, which can be applied in games, visual simulation, scientific visualization, modeling and virtual reality. The file extension .ive assists the program in communicating with the video processor to come out with a more detailed image, based on the supported screen resolution. The application supported by the file extension .ive was written in Standard C++ with OpenGL, and can be launched in any computer system running Microsoft Windows, IRIX, OSX, Solaris, GNU/Linux, AIX, FreeBSD and HP-Ux Operating Systems.

Being a high level 3D graphics generating application, the OpenSceneGraph, which implements the file extension .ive, consists of powerful nodes and key descriptors like the PatternS, which references the relationship of STL and patterns; NodeVisitor which traverses scenegraph automatically on every frame; and StateSet which identifies the OpenGL and KnowledgeBase state that consists of a vector of states which controls the rendering behavior for a scene. The file extension .ive works with OpenGL, which is a premier environment used in the development of interactive and portable 2D and 3D graphics software applications.

The current version of the application, which uses the file extension .ive, allows the user to load any available plug-in file format including geometric and image formats. The installation of the .ive file extension supported application includes many OSG format geometric models, as well as MPI Open Flight, that uses the FLT file format which can be located under the Model folder of the application. Geometric models are classified as scene graph nodes that will require handle or pointer declaration to allow manipulation and loading of the file.

Author: OSG Community
Author URL:
Related Applications: OpenSceneGraph
Common Path: C:/ Projects/ OpenSceneGraph/ OpenSceneGraph-Data/


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What Causes .IVE files Errors to Occur?

A common and likely explanation for .IVE files errors is damage in the Windows program registry - fixing is necessary to avoid more corruption in other software and/or devices. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .IVE files Errors?

Common symptoms from .IVE files errors include poor pc speed, extended application load speed, failure opening files, extended pauses in software routines, applications ends without an error, input freezes and programs crash.

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