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What is the .IW File Extension?

.IW File Extension Description:

The file extension .iw is associated with the Updater service of IBM, which is a part of the Support Assistant program. The Updater file extension .iw is a feature rich support module, which implements remote troubleshooting of systems, even for those with relatively newer network architectures. The file extension .iw supports the Workbench, that determines and analyzes system related problems on the local and network levels via the Agent module. The Agent must be installed in systems that are targeted for remote troubleshooting and administration.

A sample implementation of the file extension .iw combined with Workbench is to install it on either a Linus, or Windows -based station, with the Agent residing on the server. The job of the Workbench in relation to the file extension .iw comes in during the file transfer process, emanating from the server where Workbench must communicate with the Agent, to allow the network or system administrator to remotely execute file transfer, collecting of data, or analyzing of server resident artifacts done from the workstation terminal.

The file extension .iw supported program is capable of grouping events that have similar tasks in collective Activities, where users have the option of supporting such Activities like in finding information, managing requests, or analyzing problems. The Support Assistant application, that generates the .iw file extension, refers to the organization of troubleshooting information as Cases, which save descriptions and collected data results and reports including log files in easily managed folders that will be ported to IBM Support for proper analysis.

The flexibility of creating the file extension .iw also allows users to design custom searches, maintain individual update sites, and gain access to all the latest releases from within the same program. Customization and configuration features provided by the file extension .iw generating application, is geared towards a more productive user experience through ease of use that is established with the use of various program wizards, that can assist the user in different tasks that can range from simple network preference initialization, to data migration, including tutorials that can be invoked form the Help Menu.

Author: IBM
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Related Applications: Support Assistant
Common Path: User Defined


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What Causes .IW files Errors?

When encountering errors with .IW files you are potential having a critical Windows file error - the error may be the outcome of damage to your program registry and action is required to fix it immediately to prevent further corruption to your program registry. Dangers include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

Symptoms of .IW files Errors:

.IW files error symptoms include program lock ups, system start up or shut down troubles, slow pc performance, sluggish behaviour, screen halts, internal speaker beeps, trouble accessing documents as well as problems while installing software.

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