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What is the .KEX File Extension?

.KEX File Extension Description:

The file extension .kex is generated by the software application KEDIT, as a macro file for the Windows based text editor. To gain an appreciation of the role played by the .kex file extension, it is important to understand exactly what a macro is. In simple terms, a macro file like the file extension .kex is a shortcut, which contains tasks the user commonly uses.

For example, think about centering of text in a word processing document, you can do it by going to the format menu option, then clicking on the paragraph context menu, and choosing the alignment option, and then clicking on the center option; OR, you can highlight the word or paragraph, then click on the center icon, which will also produce the same result. The shorter way of accomplishing the task is the macro way.

The KEDIT for Windows application, being a text editor equipped with many useful functions and facilities will be full of repetitive actions that a user will do. In this context, it is advantageous for the user to create macro commands with the file extension .kex, to save time and be more productive and maximize the potential of the application. Many word processor or text editor users are not aware of macro functions presented by files like the .kex file extension, for the simple reason that majority of macros need to be invoked by the user since they are not readily available from the menu options.

The macro facilities of the application supported by the file extension .kex are based on REXX, which is an IBM, developed language. This flexible tool allows the redefining of automated tasks and the keyboard, under the .kex file extension. Under KEDIT, the file extension .kex can be invoked either from the command line, or by clicking on the assigned keys on the toolbar. The file extension .kex supported by the robust REXX language, gives the user power from his fingertips with the functionality of replacing macro definitions.

Author: Mansfield Software Group, Inc.
Author URL: http://www.kedit.com/
Related Applications: KEDIT
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/ KEDITW/


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The Usual Cause of .KEX files Errors to Occur:

A common and likely explanation for .KEX files errors is corruption in the Windows program registry - cleaning is necessary to avoid more corruption in other applications and/or hardware devices. While the errors persist your computer remains at risk for possible blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .KEX files Errors?

Common symptoms with .KEX files errors include reduced personal computer performance, extended program start up speed, problems saving documents, long breaks in application routines, software closes without displaying an indication of error, input halts and software lock up.

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What is the .KEX File Extension?    |    Scan for .KEX File Extension Errors    |    Repair .KEX File Errors