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What is the .KEY File Extension?

.KEY File Extension Description:

At least 18 known applications use the KEY file extension.

Among the many applications that use the KEY file extension is the AntiVir Personal Edition. It uses the file extension for the program's license key file. The license key is needed so that the anti-virus program can be fully installed in the user's computer system, and not just its trial version. The Diablo II computer game also uses the KEY file extension as a key file for its license.

The ArcView use the KEY file extension for its geocoding matching keys. ArcView is a desktop GIS or geographic information system that is used for mapping, analysis, and data integration. The KEY file extension is used here to match the assigned geographic identifiers to the map features.

On the other hand, the KEY file extension is the Aurora engine resource file when used by BioWare. The file extension's purpose here is to serve as the game engine of the software, or the core component of the BioWare. The KEY file extension provides the underlying technologies, and simplified development of the BioWare games.

The Universal Business Systems also use the KEY file extension for its key accounting file. As the name implies, the KEY file extension takes care of the accounting aspect of any enterprise that might use the application.

DataCAD uses the KEY file extension as its icon toolbar file. The DataCAD application is a computer-aided design technology software, that helps users create 2D and 3D designs, and drafting for architecture. The file extension's duty here is simply to provide the toolbar icons for the software.

Also, the Forecast Pro application that generates business reports, also use the KEY file extension as the software's data file. While the KEY file extension works as the demo script for the FractInt freeware, which is used to display and render various fractals, or a fragmented geometric shapes.

Other uses of KEY file extension include serving as the Infinity Game Engine Directory, toolkit file for the Kaspersky Anti-Virus, file for the keyboard definition, wrapper folder for the keynote presentation, and costbook key file for the National Construction Estimator 32. The KEY file extension is also used for the OS/2 Archive, registration file, and encryption file for the Sentry 2020, TBAV File, and top secret crypto gold.

Author: AntiVir PersonalProducts GmbH, ESRI, BioWare Corporation, Universal Systems, Blizzard Entertainment
Author URL:,,http://www.universal-syste
Related Applications: AntiVir Personal Edition, ArcView, BioWare, DataCAD, Diablo II, FractInt, Infinity Game, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, National Construction Estimator 32, Sentry 2020, TBAV File
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Usual Reason for .KEY files Errors:

When you encounter errors with .KEY files you are potential receiving a serious Windows registry error - this error could be the outcome of damage in your program registry and you should move to correct it right away to avoid additional damage to your program registry. While the errors persist your PC remains capable of likely blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .KEY files Errors?

.KEY files errors bring on many symptoms, including: system hangs on start up or shut down, applications freeze up, diminished pc speed, internal speaker beeping, trouble saving files, slow system behaviour and application installation problems.

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