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What is the .LCW File Extension?

.LCW File Extension Description:

The program Lucid 3D appends the file extension .lcw to its spreadsheet files that are generated with minimum system requisites. Belonging to the initial wave of spreadsheet programs, the file extension .lcw is capable of maintaining its functionality without requiring exorbitant amounts of memory, or the availability of huge storage space. The program that generates the file extension .lcw is differentiated from other applications in its category, by being one of the pioneers in implementing menu interfaces, designed to maximize the use of system devices.

The file extension .lcw, is generated by the Lucid 3D program, that can cater to the requirements of both the small enterprise and the personal user with impeccable efficiency in areas like balance sheets, income statements, analysis of cash flow, and of course, budgeting among others. There are more than 140 built-in functions that can be applied to the file extension .lcw, to extensively work on various mathematical, statistical, and financial calculations including macro support intended for automation of commonly repeated actions. The file extension .lcw further benefits from the programs undo function (multi-level), charting ability (3D), and viable interaction with two of the more popular spreadsheet applications in the market; Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.

The advances in modern computing made the use of spreadsheet applications that generated documents like the .lcw file extension, one of the most vital areas in PC usage. The emergence of these classes of programs solidified the foundation of the computer in the business industry, which was the perfect target for spreadsheet programs and the .lcw file extension, because of the repetitive nature of their transactions, which are easily implemented, with the use of macro functionalities. One of the most visible machines among businesses during the inception was the Apple II, because of the popularity of VisiCalc, which was identified with the machine. This eventually opened the market (which softened up and became more receptive) to other formats like the file extension .lcw, which became practical alternatives that were functionally equal with preferred applications.

Author: Lucid Technologies Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: Lucid 3-D
Common Path: C:/


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The Reason for .LCW files Errors:

.LCW files errors are potential serious Windows file errors and are brought on by a faulty program registry that you should fix immediately to protect against additional failure in other software and/or hardware. As long as the errors continue your computer stays in danger of potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

.LCW files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.LCW files errors bring on many symptoms, including: system freezes on shut down or start up, softwares freeze up, diminished pc performance, case speaker beeps, problems loading documents, sluggish behaviour and software installation trouble.

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