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What is the .LIN File Extension?

.LIN File Extension Description:

The Lineset component of the ArcView program is associated with the file extension .lin. The .lin file extension is used in manipulating and creating mapping systems with the ArcView's Shade and Line Symbology feature. The file bcevn.shd is associated with the Shade Symbology, while the same filename but with the file extension .lin is related to the Line Symbology. These are incorporated into the lineset through the Shadeedit and Lineedit functions respectively, that can be used in modifying size and color of the symbol.

The .lin file extension is automatically imported by the ArcView application with the help of the Avenue feature, with support for almost every type of line excluding WIDEBOXED, VERTEXMARKER, MARKER, and WIDE, which require to be hard coded in the script. Creation of lines and symbols is relatively easier if done by editing pre-existing symbols, rather than creating new ones from the ground up.

The creation process of the file extension .lin involves four major steps, the creation of the symbolset backup, choosing symbol number, initializing the session, and copying the created symbolset. The initial step in the .lin file extension editing process requires the creation of the shade and line subdirectories, which must exist on the user's account. It is important to identify the correct symbol number in order to associate the created symbol with the right type like TRM, WTR, FSH and more.

To start the actual session, bcenv must be identified as the current lineset, and make the necessary entries under the Options menu (for shade sets, the command line can serve as an editing interface). After creating the definition, make sure to copy the symbolset to the proper directory.

The Computer Aided Design application AutoCAD also utilizes the .lin file extension in relation with lines used in its operation. In particular, the file extension .lin is identified as the Linetype Definition of the AutoCAD program, which is used to describe the path used by a vector based entity, including the storing of information about the shapes incorporated within a text based document. The File menu of MicroStation Line Style Editor can import the feature associated with the file extension .lin. As a professionally crafted application, it places extensive use of lines and their properties, to create documentations that are based on architectural designs that possess animation, construction, and realistic rendering.

Similarly using the file extension .lin but in another nature, is the Medlin Accounting Software, which is actually a collection of various applications that are commonly applied to accounting procedures like Payroll Software, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Budgeting, MICR Check Printing, and Label Printing. The .lin file extension is used by the application in association with the details of its Current Period Invoice.



Author: Medlin Accounting, Autodesk, Inc., ESRI
Author URL: http://www.medlin.com/
Related Applications: Medlin Accounting Software, AutoCAD, ArcView
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Cause for .LIN files Errors:

When you receive errors with .LIN files you are in all likelihood having a serious Windows error - the error may be the effect of damage to your program registry and action is required to fix it right away to avert further damage to the registry. During the time the errors remain your personal computer remains at risk for potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .LIN files Errors?

.LIN files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, including: personal computer locks on start up or shut down, programs halt, diminished pc speed, internal speaker beeping, problems opening files, slow system behaviour and program installation trouble.

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