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What is the .LOD File Extension?

.LOD File Extension Description:

The file extension .lod is commonly associated and implemented by computer games, as a module component that contains various game features. In particular, the .lod file extension is identified as a load file, which injects the objects required at game time for a particular scene. Computer games contain heavy amounts of graphics and animation, that it is impossible to place all elements within a single executable file, hence, the importance of support modules like files that use the file extension .lod, which are loaded only on a per need basis and then unloaded when a player no longer requires its components for its current level of play.

The file extension .lod can be seen implemented in the flight simulator game A-10 Cuba!, as a weapons loadout component. The computer game is built on the plot of using an aircraft in a mission to defend Guantanomo Bay from guerilla forces, and the .lod file extension is called by the main program to help the player configure weapons (like bombs, missiles, fuel pods), that will be loaded to the aircraft he will pilot.

With the help of the .lod file extension, the game has become one of the more famous combat flight simulation genres in the gaming market because of its rich graphic detail that remain consistent throughout the simulation. Aside from working with the configuration component of the application, the .lod file extension can also be tapped by the video card processor for rendering purposes, because it contains the information on how the developer intended the graphics to be displayed on the screen.

The .lod file extension can also be seen used extensively in the Homeworld computer game, where it performs the task of configuring the level of details implemented within the virtual 3D world. The computer game utilizes an innovative 3D rendering engine that generates graphics with close to cinematic quality details and excellent special effects. For computer games of this nature, complex calculations are done to achieve the level of visual aura that it presents, and in order to relieve the computer hardware of the taxing processing, it is subdivided into smaller components or modules like the .lod file extension which will perform only a specific task, and then unloaded from the system memory to allow systems with limited resources to execute the game. The function of files like the file extension .lod not only caters to the actual playing environment, but also includes how the user interface behaves to further enhance the user's gaming experience.

Author: Relic Entertainment, Activision Inc.,
Author URL:
Related Applications: A-10 Cuba!, Homeworld
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Common Cause of .LOD files Errors:

When you get errors with .LOD files you are likely having a severe Windows file error - your error could be the result of corruption in your registry and action is required to correct it right away to prevent further damage to your registry. Having these errors places your personal computer in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as device failure.

.LOD files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms from .LOD files errors include reduced system speed, long program load speed, problems accessing files, extended pauses in application procedures, software exits without displaying an indication of error, screen halts and programs lock up.

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