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What is the .M3D File Extension?

.M3D File Extension Description:

The file extension .m3d is an element of the animation macros, applied by the CorelMotion 3D program. The CorelMotion 3D application associated with the file extension .m3d, is a component of the CorelDraw 6 productivity suite that includes various tools for graphics manipulation like CorelDraw, CorelPresents, CorelPhotoPaint, and CorelDream 3D. The CorelMotion 3D program that creates the .m3d file extension is closely related to the CorelDream application, which provides the functionality of rendering 3D images, while applying lighting and surface effects.

The .m3d file extension is then invoked by the CorelMotion 3D application, which retrieves the 3D objects created in CorelDream, and applies its different tools to create an animated 3D object. The productivity suite comes with its own set of utilities, which can be utilized not only by seasoned designers, but novice users as well.

The file extension .m3d is also seen as a Map File for the Cossacks computer game, which comes in a series, built around the plot of different military campaigns. The map file that uses the file extension .m3d can have double extensions when changed, like for example, the format .m3d.bak, is still a valid map file format for the game. The .m3d file extension maps are based on historically accurate details, which cater to five grueling campaigns, that most of the time sets a player with a distinct disadvantage.

The 3D modeled .m3d file extension, provides a landscape that can adversely affect strategies and tactics during game play, implementing at least 16 nations (with their own characteristics) with as much as 8000 units contained in a single map. The .m3d file extension also provides detailed accounting of the six crucial resources required to claim victory; coal, iron, stone, food, wood, and gold.

Another computer game that uses the .m3d file extension is the EverQuest or EQ game, which is a fantasy-themed 3D multi-player online RPG (Role Playing Game). The file extension .m3d is appended to the Game File that contains account keys, to help avail of newer expansion contents and other game related elements, inspired by various RPGs like the Dungeons & Dragons game series. Avatar characteristics may also be contained in the .m3d file extension, including the type of occupation associated with the player's chosen character.

Author: Corel Corporation, cdv Software Entertainment USA, Sony Online Entertainment
Author URL:
Related Applications: CorelMotion 3D, Cossacks, EverQuest
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .M3D files Errors?

Upon receiving errors with .M3D files you are likely experiencing a serious Windows error - this error may be the effect of corruption in your registry and you should act to repair it immediately to avert additional damage to the operating system. While the errors remain your system stays capable of possible blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

.M3D files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms from .M3D files errors include reduced computer speed, excessive program start up speed, failure loading files, long suspensions in application procedures, software closes without an error message, screen halts and applications lock up.

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What is the .M3D File Extension?    |    How to Fix .M3D File Extension Errors    |    Scan for .M3D File Extension Errors