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What is the .MAG File Extension?

.MAG File Extension Description:

The most common usage of the file extension .mag, is in the Microsoft Office Suite, where it serves as the diagram shortcut created under the Microsoft Access program. The file extension .mag references a chart or a diagram that was generated from the information contained within an Office Access format database. The Office Access is known as a RDBMS program that implements the Jet RDB engine, in conjunction with a graphics based interface, to cater to lesser skilled developers in helping them to create front-end database applications.

The Microsoft Access program, supported by the file extension .mag, is widely utilized in the small to medium enterprise sectors, where it caters to mostly skilled data architects and programmers that are looking for rapid development tools, to generate a customized business database application. The charting feature of the Office Access is an extension of its functionality via the implementation of the .mag file extension; it is able to graphically represent to the user, the existing relationships that are present in a database file.

The .mag file extension is also deployed as a part of the document management application Fortis. The file extension .mag serves as the wrapper format for multi-type documents, which encompasses varying numbers of elements in the document's pages. The program allows for a swift access to business critical data with its efficient storage and capture of essential business information, which are organized in way that provides immediate availability.

The .mag file extension is a key ingredient in the decision making process, that depends on vital information that is based on client and business partner preferences. The enterprise receives a full featured extensive business solution that can be integrated into any component of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, or can be incorporated in any number of email clients.

The file extension .mag is likewise used to represent the color separation process, commonly involved in photographic layering. The .mag file extension explicitly defines the Magenta color that is printed by the image editing application. Color separation in general, describes the method of decomposing colors found in images into four ink color categories, which are layered consecutively to produce infinite color impressions. In this condition, the file extension .mag is associated with the three other basic colors represented by the formats YEL (Yellow), CYA (Cyan), and BLA (Black).

Author: Adobe Systems Incorporated, Microsoft Corporation, Westbrook Technologies Incorporated
Author URL:
Related Applications: Creative Suite 3, Office Access, Fortis
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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What Causes .MAG files Errors to Occur?

Upon encountering errors with .MAG files you are in all likelihood receiving a serious Windows registry error - the error might be the effect of corruption in your registry and action is required to correct it immediately to avert additional damage to the operating system. Receiving these errors places your system in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

.MAG files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.MAG files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, such as: computer locks while shutting down or starting up, applications crash, decreased system speed, internal speaker beeping, problems accessing documents, sluggish behaviour and program installation failure.

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