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What is the .MAH File Extension?

.MAH File Extension Description:

The MAH file extension is associated with the Mahjongg Solitaire 2.00 settings file. Mahjongg Solitaire is a free online Chinese puzzle game. When the game is fully loaded into the computer, players do not need to stay online in order to continue playing. Additionally, a board editor is included with the game. This means that players can actually build and customize their own games, and then use the MAH file extension for their saved settings.

Among the settings that could be manipulated are the game difficulty, edit layouts, customized rules, create new layouts, customized rules, sound effects, board size, scoring option, and other more customizable settings. The MAH file extension is also used to check, or manage POP3 email accounts. Not adding the file extension in the save-file dialog box, used to prompt Mahjongg Solitaire to automatically change the MAH file extension into the MAG file extension.

The objective of Mahjongg Solitaire is to eliminate all 144 tiles from the board. Each pair of tiles a player removes, grants two points. The game is started from the sides or the central tile on top a pile. Tiles can only be removed when they have two equal symbols. File settings with the .mah file extension allow players to play the game with their desired adjustments. This makes the game more enjoyable and suitable for different individuals.

Mahjongg Solitaire is also an application of statistical mathematics. The probability that a player will encounter the same game twice is 1/1.1394912x10200. The concept for the game came about when a competition encouraged the programming of simple, efficient, well designed, but appealing web applications. The Mahjongg Solitaire version that was entered during the 2000-2002 competitions was less than 5 KB. The web version of the game contains only 2 dynamically coded HTMLs. Neither plug-ins, nor special requirements are needed to play the game. Anyone using the JavaScript option and a DHTML compatible browser can access the game.

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What Causes .MAH files Errors?

A typical and frequent reason for .MAH files errors is damage in the Windows registry - fixing is required to avoid more corruption in other software and/or devices. Risks include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .MAH files Errors?

.MAH files error symptoms include application freezes, system shut down or start up problems, jerky pc performance, laggy behaviour, input freeze, beeping sounds, trouble saving documents and issues during application installation.

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What is the .MAH File Extension?    |    How to Fix .MAH File Extension Errors    |    Scan for .MAH File Extension Errors