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What is the .MCL File Extension?

.MCL File Extension Description:

The MCL file extension is used by a number of applications, namely: MCell, VectorWorks Template, Windows Media Center, Macro Command Language, MUSHclient, and MultiEdit Macro Library. In MCell, the MCL file extension is a Cellular Automata file format that represents differently colored squares found on a grid, that change according to a defined set of rules. Cellular Automata is an aspect of mathematics that is best demonstrated by the Game of Life. This game is played on a grid of square cells much like a chessboard, but extends infinitely in all directions.

For VectorWorks, the extension of the MCL file can be found in the program's templates. VectorWorks is one of the products of Nemetschek North America, Inc., a company specializing in CAD software.

Windows Media Center used to highly utilize files with the .mcl file extension to register entry points. An MCL file is a simple XML file with any name taking up the MCL file extension. When registering applications into Windows Media Center, users need to choose where in the Windows Media Center user interface, they would want to find their application. An entry point is where the user enters the application. In order for Windows Media Center to access a file with the .mcl file extension, a shortcut to the file or the file itself must be placed in the :/users/ current user/ AppData/ Roaming/ Media Center Programs path.

Files with the .mcl file extension could also be a file for the Macro Command Language, which is under the generic type of macro command language. This language is considered as a development environment that is usually linked with portable computers. Macros are patterns that dictate how input sequences are to be mapped to output sequences. Users could also create automated macros that would have the MCL file extension to be used by specific applications.

MUSHclient uses the MCL file extension for its world files. MUSHclient is a freeware MUD or Multi User Dungeon Client. MUD games are Internet games simultaneously played by multiple people. Files with the .mcl file extension are MUD Clients for Unix. A number of functions will be automatically called by the MCL file extension in the perl scripts. Perl is just an embedded language support for MUD. By default, the MCL file extension will call a function just one time, and will give up upon failing finding it.

Lastly, Multi-Edit Macro Library uses the MCF file extension as a system macro binary needed to run the Multi-Edit. This application is a programmer's text editor, that lets users manipulate text easily, and compile source files while still inside the application.

Author: Mirek Wojtowicz, Nemetschek, Microsoft Corporation, Nick Gammon, Multi-Edit Software, Inc.
Author URL:,,,
Related Applications: MCell Cellular Automaton File, VectorWorks Template, Windows Media Center, Macro Command Language, MUSHclient, MultiEdit-9
Common Path: N/A


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The Frequent Cause of .MCL files Errors to Occur:

.MCL files errors are possibly severe Windows file system errors and many times are brought on by a broken registry that you should repair at once to avoid additional corruption in other applications and/or hardware. While the errors persist your computer remains at risk for likely blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .MCL files Errors:

.MCL files errors produce a range of symptoms, including: pc freezes on shut down or start up, applications crash, decreased pc speed, case speaker beeps, problems opening files, sluggish behaviour and software installation problems.

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