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What is the .MDX File Extension?

.MDX File Extension Description:

The most common implementation of the file extension .mdx can be seen in association with the indexing process of database management. The file extension .mdx in the context of databases usually functions in combination with the DBF format, which identifies a database file. In essence, the file extension .mdx can be classified as a data structure, used by a database application, in order to increase operation speed in reference to database tables.

Index files are created by associating at least one column of the database that will be used as the point of reference, when conducting lookups of randomly accessed records. An advantage presented by the .mdx file extension as compared to maintaining tables, is that it takes up smaller disk storage space that makes it possible to load them to memory, which would be virtually unheard of in the case of tables.

From the point of a RDMS, the file extension .mdx represents a portion of the table it is associated with, which can also be incorporated into expressions, to provide them with extended power and flexibility. It is common practice to use .mdx file extensions with the filtering option, so that they will yield only specific results with minimum search time, which can also be used with user defined functions built from various expressions.

The actual function of an index file, like the .mdx file extension, is to sort key values, store minimal columns, specifically point to a key on the table, and hasten reading of row values. The architecture of the file extension .mdx, can be considered as either non-clustered or clustered, where non-clustered has references pertaining to blocks that have row data specific to a constructed index item, while clustered rearranges data blocks based on the index order with the operation being stored with the index. The most common database programs to implement the .mdx file extension are dBase IV and InterBase.

The file extension .mdx is also used by the DesignPro application, in creating designs that can be used with the various Avery product line. The application that creates the .mdx file extension can be used extensively in creating mailing labels and signage, which can be customized with the help of walkthrough guides. The program has capabilities for editing photographs and creating mailing lists, with the incorporation of bar or number coding, that contains date and even time stamps.

The Rational Software, which is an XDE application, uses the .mdx file extension, in relation to the creation of an Extended Development Environment Model using the XDEModelWalker. Model files like the file extension .mdx can be imported with the built-in utility provided for system developers, which allow them to convert codes written in Java to corresponding XDE Models.

Author: Borland Software Corporation dataBased Intelligence, Inc., Avery Dennison Corporation, and Integrated Business Machine Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: dBase, InterBase, DesignPro, Rational Software
Common Path: User Defined


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The Usual Cause of .MDX files Errors to Occur:

A typical and frequent cause for .MDX files errors is damage in the Windows program registry - fixing is required to protect against more damage in other software and/or devices. Having these errors places your computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

What are the Symptoms of .MDX files Errors?

.MDX files errors bring on a range of symptoms, including: personal computer hangs on start up or shut down, programs freeze up, reduced pc speed, case speaker beeping, trouble opening files, sluggish behaviour and application installation failure.

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