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What is the .MED File Extension?

.MED File Extension Description:

The MOBILedit software gives you the ability to control your mobile phone from your computer via Bluetooth, IrDA, or cable. It allows you to send SMS or MMS messages, view the contents of your phone, or do full text searches. Without even touching your mobile phone, you can copy all its contents, back up all its data, share them with different mobile phones, and manipulate all your contacts. These data will be stored into a file with the .med file extension.

Files with the .med file extension can be SMS messages from your mobile phone that are archived to your computer by using the "to archive" button. They are being deposited towards the assigned folder for Sent items and when deleted will be automatically moved to the Deleted items folder where you can permanently delete them.

Files with the .med file extension can also be the offline data from other devices that were connected to your computer in the past. Once the phone becomes disconnected, the MOBILedit shifts these files towards the Offline folder with the accompanying data. In short, they are instant data being backed up that can be used later in case you need to send an SMS or need to dial a phone number stored in another phone. However, after connecting back the device, these files are replaced by the actual data from the particular device.

MOBILedit's Backups is where any files with the .med file extension from the devices that you have backed up are located. These files remain there and cannot be rewritten like offline data. They are designated by their data and time and can be restored back to their original source. They can also be copied to other connected devices or can be exported to supported formats.

Author: Compelson Labs
Author URL: http://www.compelson.com
Related Applications: MOBILedit
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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What Causes .MED files Errors?

.MED files errors are potential critical Windows errors and are caused due to a corrupt registry entry that should be repaired at once to protect against further corruption in other applications and/or hardware. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .MED files Errors?

Common symptoms from .MED files errors include reduced computer performance, excessive application load times, trouble opening documents, long suspensions in software procedures, software exits without an indication of error, input freezing and software crash.

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What is the .MED File Extension?    |    Repair .MED File Errors    |    Scan for .MED File Extension Errors