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What is the .MES File Extension?

.MES File Extension Description:

The files associated with the A2B player are commonly represented by the file extension .mes, which are subjected to specially developed compression technology for the audio player that allows for the production of music, that possess a higher quality rate than the popular MP3 format. The file extension .mes supports the player's functionality in playing back and managing encrypted or compressed audio files which are stored in the hard drive, including the lower priced purchase of music via the DigitalPhono host site on the Internet.

The file extension .mes is closely associated with the A2B format file, which is also developed by AT&T for playback in a personal computer outputting CD quality sound. As opposed to the built-in player in a PC, the A2B is capable of not only playing .mes file extension and A2B format files which are stored on the hard drive but also audio files which are directly streamed from the Internet and has almost every available function on the operating system packaged CD player.

The .mes file extension likewise represents the data file associated with the software application Spectra Magic which is classified as a color data program used in the control and measurement of color for every industry like Food, Transportation, Plastics, Construction, Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Graphic Arts, Cosmetics, and more. The file extension .mes supports both inbound raw materials (for production process) and outgoing color critical materials inspection and control of colors via the utilization of pre-defined templates that are used for assessment, analysis, and statistical process control.

The application allows for the implementation of a user customized screen layout design that is based on the specific industry applications or requirements. The .mes file extension also supports the scalability of the graph types to the desired user size which is achieved with relative ease plus the availability of a host of other user options that caters to every need including the insertion of digitized photographs that provides a whole new color communication dimension between suppliers and customers.

The macro editor workspace for the word processing software application WordPerfect also uses the .mes file extension. The macro editor work space referenced by the file extension .mes allows the user to edit or create customized macro commands that will allow for the automation of frequently used instructions in the program and translate to more productive time and more efficient program usage.



Author: AT&:,T Labs Research, Konica Minolta Sensing Inc., Corel Corporation
Author URL: http://www.digitalphono.com/
Related Applications: A2B Player, SpectraMagic NX, WordPerfect
Common Path: C:/


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What Causes .MES files Errors to Occur?

.MES files errors are possibly severe Windows errors and many times are brought on because of a corrupted registry that needs to be repaired right away to prevent further damage in other software and/or devices. Risks include device failure, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

Symptoms of .MES files Errors:

Common symptoms with .MES files errors include slower system performance, excessive application start up speed, problems accessing files, extended suspensions in application functions, programs closing without an error message, screen freezes and software lock up.

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What is the .MES File Extension?    |    Scan for .MES File Extension Errors    |    Repair .MES File Errors