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What is the .MKS File Extension?

.MKS File Extension Description:

The MKS file extension is used for the Matroska container format for multimedia, and it defines subtitle stream files. Matroska was derived from the MCF project, but differs significantly because it is founded on EBML or Extensible Binary Meta Language; this is based in XML but is a binary derivative. EMBL allows future formats to be extensible, so that there would not be a break in file support for previous parsers.

As a container format, Matroska tries to avoid specifying formats to be used for storage. But since subtitles used in A/V containers are limited, Matroska has specified the MKS file extension to store common formats of subtitles. This is done for facilitating growth; otherwise, some incompatibilities can prevent standardization of storage of subtitles.

Matroska files that contain subtitles use the MKS file extension. Global information to a whole stream is saved in an element called CodecPrivate. Time codes for 'stop' and 'start' that are utilized in timecode native format storage can be removed when storing files in the .mks file extension, because it can interfere during editing of the files. In its place, the timecode blocks and duration can be used to be able to show when the timecode can be displayed. Because a subtitle stream in the .mks file extension is an overlay stream, a video, or anything that has a transparency, a layer can be used.

Matroska is an open standard for extensible video and audio containers. For Matroska videos, it is found in files with the .mkv file extension and audio is stored in the .mka file extension. Matroska is not a compression format for audio and video but instead, it is an envelope from which there can be several videos, audios, as well as subtitle streams that can allow the user to store an entire movie in one file.

Author: Matroska Team
Author URL: http://www.matroska.org
Related Applications: VLC, Zoomplayer, MPlayer, Virtual VCR, AVT2000, VirtualDubMOD, mkvtoolnix, Matroska Muxer, The Core Media Player, MediaPlayer Classic
Common Path: N/A


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The Usual Cause of .MKS files Errors to Occur:

Upon receiving errors with .MKS files you are likely having a critical Windows error - this error could be the outcome of damage in your registry and you should move to correct it immediately to avoid further damage to your registry. Dangers include system device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.MKS files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.MKS files errors bring forth a range of symptoms, including: pc locks on shut down or start up, applications crash, decreased computer speed, built-in speaker beeping, problems loading documents, sluggish behaviour and program installation problems.

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