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What is the .MM File Extension?

.MM File Extension Description:

The MM file extension functions for mind map files in the FreeMind Software. Files in this format represent ideas or words, tasks and other items, which are linked to a central key idea or word. Files with the .mm file extension are used in the generation, visualization, and classification of ideas. These are also used for studying, organizing, decision making, problem solving and writing.

A mind map defines a diagram and is saved in the .mm file extension. This diagram is image centered, and defines semantic and other connections among information parts. Files in the .mm file extension show connections in a non-linear and radial manner, which encourages brainstorming for the task in organizations.

Files in the .mm file extension assist students and managers who find this mind mapping technique useful, because they are able to retain more ideas and information than the traditional way of taking notes. FreeMind allows users to keep track of projects including tasks, subtasks, and recording of time. It can also be used as a workplace for creating links to necessary files. It can be used for brainstorming, and essay writing.

FreeMind has a functional following of HTML links as well. It can be linked to web addresses, or links to your local files. It allows fast navigation with just a single click, and allows you to move the map by dragging the background. In addition to this, maps can also be exported to HTML.

Files in the .mm file extension are used in FreeMind for brainstorming and note taking, ideas are radially arranged around a center node and can be later grouped or organized to revise, summarize, and clarify thoughts. Mind Maps can also be used as a mnemonic technique to sort complex ideas. FreeMind is available as free software under a general public license.

Author: FreeMind Developers
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Related Applications: FreeMind Application
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What Causes .MM files Errors?

.MM files errors are potential severe Windows errors and many times are caused by a faulty registry that needs to be fixed at once to avoid additional corruption in other software and/or devices. Having these errors places your computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even system device failure.

Symptoms of .MM files Errors:

.MM files error symptoms include software lock ups, system shut down or start up troubles, slow personal computer operation, laggy behaviour, screen halts, beeping sounds, problems opening application files as well as issues during program installation.

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