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What is the .MMP File Extension?

.MMP File Extension Description:

There are various and diverse implementations of the file extension .mmp within the world of computers. The file extension .mmp is used as a map file for the mapping system VisiMap, which provides the functionality of quickly creating a visual structure for collated information. The process implemented in the production of the file extension .mmp, is commonly referred to as visual mapping, which follows 2D hierarchical representation of graphics similar to those of brain maps.

The VisiMap is effective in deploying various management and planning related tasks supported by creative and innovative processes, which are designed to further enhance the visualization procedure. The application can support the different components of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, including the latest edition of the Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System platform.

The file extension .mmp is also applied to the project file of the mailer program Gammadyne, which is an effective utility in email operations. The application is capable of managing mailing lists, including the processing of bounced emails. A host of other features play an important role in the use of the file extension .mmp, like filtering of recipients, auto-responder, personalized messaging, and other useful tools, which includes a scripting language that can be utilized for task automation.

Another program that implements the file extension .mmp as a map file is the Grand Theft Auto computer game, which has evolved into a series of successful sandbox type games. The .mmp file extension represents a multiplayer map, which is part of the functionality of the game that allows it to cater to numerous players simultaneously connected, via certain types of network like the Internet. Map files in the computer gaming world consist of objects and features native to the level of game play, represented by the .mmp file extension.

Aside from being utilized as a map file, the file extension .mmp can also be implemented as a project file, as in the case of the Master Album Maker. The file extension .mmp serves as a container for the data and resources relative to the album, as well as linkages to other objects like audio and images. It is also associated with the MMA format file, which represents the program album.

Other applications that find usage for the file extension .mmp includes MindManager, which like other programs utilize it as a map file. For the MixMeister music mixing software, it serves as the file, which contains the playlist created by the program.



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Author URL: http://www.coco.co.uk/
Related Applications: VisiMap, Gammadyne Mailer, Grand Theft Auto, Master Album Maker, MindManager, MixMeister
Common Path: User Defined


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The Cause for .MMP files Errors:

.MMP files errors are possibly serious Windows errors and are often caused because of a faulty registry entry that needs to be fixed right away to protect against even further failure in other software and/or devices. Risks include device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .MMP files Errors?

Typical symptoms from .MMP files errors include reduced computer performance, extended application load speed, trouble saving files, excessive pauses in application procedures, applications closing without an error, screen freezing and software crash.

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