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What is the .MSS File Extension?

.MSS File Extension Description:

The MSS file extension is employed in MediaShout, a program specifically designed to serve presentations that support preaching, singing, worship, Bible study, and music or drama performances. The .mss extension was used for MediaShout editions before 3.0, which now utilizes the .scc extension.

MediaShout converts a Windows workstation into a comprehensive console for creating media and presentations for religious ministries. The presentation script produced through MediaShout has the MSS file extension. The following include the significant features of MediaShout.

* the ability to go through loads of music to locate the most suitable one for a particular situation

* the ability to choose between groups of lists, rearrange lead sheets, and load the songs into MediaShout

* the capability to hunt for a particular keyword to look for a required song in a database

* the capability to communicate directly with the online stores of music publishers to buy additional music

* the ability to inform and remind the team regarding important events and rehearsals through postcards or e-mails

The MSS file extension is also utilized by the Miles Sound System (MSS) from RAD Game Tools. The MSS serves as a library for games and it has been utilized in more than 4,500 games since it was introduced in 1991. The current version of MSS is an API that affords three-dimensional and two-dimensional audio with attributes, such as environmental reverb, decompression of Ogg Vorbis, ADPCM and MP3 files, and DSP filtering. MSS employs the .mss file extension for files that contain DLS information and the XMIDI sequence.

The notable features of MSS include: an advanced MIDI; wide-ranging provision for digital audio coupled with quality software mixing; an integral MIDI synthesizer; the capability to handle surround sound for several speakers and 5.1-channel receivers; DLS provision for a custom-made array of instruments; provision for interactive sound with tempo control, callbacks and branching; on-the-spot MP3 decompression coupled with seamless looping; and decompression of Ogg Vorbis files.

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Related Applications: MediaShout, Miles Sound System, Scribble, Perfect Writer, Jove, MINCE
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What Causes .MSS files Errors?

Upon receiving errors with .MSS files you are likely receiving a critical Windows file system error - this error might be the outcome of damage in your program registry and action is required to fix it right away to prevent additional damage to the program registry. As long as the errors remain your system remains capable of potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .MSS files Errors:

.MSS files errors produce numerous symptoms, including but not limited to: personal computer hangs while shutting down or starting up, softwares halt, diminished system performance, case speaker beeps, problems saving files, sluggish behaviour and application installation problems.

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