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What is the .MWF File Extension?

.MWF File Extension Description:

The Autodesk MapGuide Viewer is a geographic information system (GIS) which shows and links attribute data such as population statistics to the spatial data in the map. The spatial data such as cities, roads and country borders are the only data shown in a typical map. It gives you the ability to analyze these spatial data, and lets you use the map data in way that the data can be copied into a report or the current map view can be printed, giving your reports greater impact and clarity.

Autodesk MapGuide comprises three core software components, namely:

* Autodesk MapGuide Author - used for integrating CAD and GIS data as well as designing intelligent maps

* Viewer - used for viewing intelligent maps and provides interactive mapping environment

* Viewer ActiveX Control - its use depends on the viewing platform

* Autodesk MapGuide Server - used for delivering maps and their data to the Author and Viewer

With Autodesk MapGuide Author, the level of interactivity of maps and design data can be set by accessing data, creating and organizing map layers, setting display dependencies by scale, assigning symbology to map features, and many more. The applications are authored and saved in a Map Window File (MWF) format with the MWF file extension.

A file with the .mwf file extension describes the extent of the data covered in the map, the map projection, and background color. Other information in the file with the .mwf file extension describes each map layer, its name, displays its attributes like color plus style information, along with the actual location of an assigned Autodesk MapGuide Server, which can be contacted whenever the Autodesk MapGuide Viewer or Author needs information to display the spatial data.

Unlike other CAD or GIS files, files with the .mwf file extension typically do not have the so-called spatial data utilized in the actual map. Thus, instead, it will describe steps on how to actually present the data in the map. A user vigorously requests for the spatial data once working together with the assigned map. Cases like this would include zooming or panning. This is also along with an Autodesk MapGuide Server which serves that needed data on such demand.

Author: Autodesk Inc.
Author URL: http://www.autodesk.com
Related Applications: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D
Common Path: C:/ Program Files


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What Causes .MWF files Errors?

.MWF files errors are possibly severe Windows file system errors and may be brought on by a corrupted program registry that should be repaired immediately to protect against additional corruption in other applications and/or hardware. Risks include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

Symptoms of .MWF files Errors:

Common symptoms from .MWF files errors include slower computer speed, extended program load speed, failure accessing files, long suspensions in application functions, software closing without giving an error message, input freezing and software crash.

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