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What is the .OAZ File Extension?

.OAZ File Extension Description:

The OAZ Fax files of NetFax Manager are utilized for browsing and supervising received fax messages and for verifying the condition of sent fax messages. In every fax entry, there are several options for viewing and printing a fax message. These options can be accessed via a toolbar.

The OAZ has a scalable and open architecture, remote monitoring, maintenance and configuration, wide area messaging, centralized control, and an Enhanced Media System (EMS). The NetFax Manager delivers an end-user fax servicing, fax/graphics board and document manager, and a retrieval and document storage feature. Media servers of the Enhanced Media System can easily be distributed all over the world and can be linked to the Internet or EMS's own classified TCP/IP Network. The EMS is able to transmit Broadcast fax or Point-to-Point Fax from the desktop. The file is able to cancel a pending fax transmission, view the real-time condition of tasks on the workplace, retransmit failed tasks from personal computers, and extend an alternative for editing and loading the broadcast list.

NetFax Manager is created to manage, send, and format fax documents from a data-stream through a text file. It can configure and format the data layout to be sent inclusive of the overlaying texts and inserted graphics that will be needed for quotes and invoices. The OAZ file is based on an "open architecture" platform, permits a multi-line server to send and receive faxes alongside, and provides unconstrained expandability.

OAZ incorporates developed dominant features into NetFax Director for managing a network. The developers of the OAZ file extension have created a comprehensive systematic documentation and a trouble-free program installation. It provides completely automated inbound direction finding through direct inward dialing (DID) and direct delivery of the data to the receiver's personal computer. The fax manager offers an application program interface (API), which simplifies integration with a vertical application. The messages can be routed depending on the sender's fax number, recipient's fax number, or the time of transmission.

Author: OAZ Communications
Author URL:
Related Applications: Fax receiving and transmitting
Common Path: N/A


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The Cause for .OAZ files Errors:

.OAZ files errors are potential critical Windows file errors and may be brought on by a defective program registry that you should repair immediately to protect against further failure in other applications and/or devices. Having these errors puts your computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

Symptoms of .OAZ files Errors:

.OAZ files errors bring on numerous symptoms, including: computer freezes on shut down or start up, softwares crash, diminished pc performance, built-in speaker beeps, problems loading files, slow system behaviour and failure installing software.

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What is the .OAZ File Extension?    |    Repair .OAZ File Errors    |    Scan for .OAZ File Extension Errors