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What is the .OPN File Extension?

.OPN File Extension Description:

The .opn file extension reflects the court opinion files that are utilized by the Tennessee Court System, and are produced with the use of the word processing software applications WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, depending on what year the opinion was issued. The opinion file referenced by the file extension .opn, represents the thoughts and ideas a person has towards a specific case and contains an evaluation, assessment, and judgment based on foregoing instances. The opinions represented by the file extension .opn are not synonymous with case facts because the opinion is not falsifiable, verified, nor proven, which if later becomes either verified or proven is transformed from an opinion to a statement of fact.

The file extension .opn are commonly executed by courts in reference to particular cases, and are used as basis for future instances bearing resemblance to events contained in other cases. The written .opn file extension is normally based on the court proceedings and the presented evidences, which are weighed and analyzed to help arrive at a logical decision and implement corresponding resolutions to cases and issues. The opinions of courts, which are reflected in the .opn file extension, are commonly requested by parties to help and resolve legal issues, or get clarifications on laws and statures to help in the implementation of various decisions, either of government or private enterprises.

The file extension .opn, aside from representing an opinion file, is also the default format type for the opponent file used in the computer video game Rebel Strip Poker, which is classified as an adult computer based card game. The .opn file extension commonly consists of nude images of women models, including encoded data relative to the opponents of the computer game. The computer counterpart of the card game is intended for the human player to try and beat the card combinations of the computer player and try to win all the money. The game progresses with the computer player stripping one garment at a time for each corresponding loss, and is reflected by the bitmap images contained in the .opn file extension. The file extension .opn normally represents all the images and data for one opponent. The human player can win by getting the computer model completely naked.

Author: Tennessee Court System, Rebel Software
Author URL:
Related Applications: WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Rebel Strip Poker
Common Path: C:/ Program files/


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The Common Reason for .OPN files Errors to Occur:

A common and likely cause for .OPN files errors is damage in the Windows registry - repairs are essential to protect against additional damage in other software and/or system devices. As long as the errors remain your system stays capable of possible blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

.OPN files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms from .OPN files errors include slower pc speed, excessive application start up times, trouble saving files, extended suspensions in application functions, programs closing without an error message, screen halts and programs lock up.

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