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What is the .RA File Extension?

.RA File Extension Description:

The RA file extension is a file supporting library format for a program, incorporated with the telecommunication process called Remote Access. This pertains to the data processing tool originated from a certain remote location by the use of a data link. One of the usual methods under the RA file format's implementation is incapable of using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a network that has some links conceded by virtual circuits or open connections found in larger networks. Depending on the method and knowledge of the user on the connectivity facility of the platform, VPN can also possibly use the RA file format as an implement within the sector.

The file extension RA is also has a feature called PABX service (Private Branch eXchange). This provides the users from a remote site to be able to have access through the use of telephone PABX features. This includes the ability of the facility to connect the host computer to the WATS (Wide Area Telephone Service) lines.

The file extension RA was also implemented under the Bulletin Board System software package introduced under the shareware concept in 1990. This application has been released to primarily take great advantage beyond QuickBBS. The RA file extension is capable of maneuvering a network through its contained elements. This library is not only able of working under a single network but even under a blend of networks and multitasking operating systems, providing a variety of nodes per station functions.

The file extension RA is one among the earliest kind of BBS software implement capable of purporting JAM Message Base Format, a data structure geared to save message bases in the BBSes and DOS-based files in the mid 1990s. The RA file extension is interfaced along a specific message relying system like the FidoNet throughout 3rd party type of utilities like the FastEcho and FrontDoor that were published by the RA beta team members. At present, the RA file extension is still into active utility under a shareware for commercial editions recognized as Remote Access-Professional.

Associated With: QuickBBS, Remote Access, Bulletin Board System, Remote Access-Professional

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What Causes .RA files Errors to Occur?

When you get errors with .RA files you are potential experiencing a critical Windows file system error - your error may be the outcome of corruption to your registry and action is needed to repair it immediately to avoid further corruption to your registry. Risks include system device failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.RA files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Common symptoms from .RA files errors include slower pc speed, excessive application start up times, failure loading documents, extended suspensions in program functions, applications ends without displaying an error message, screen halts and software lock up.

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