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What is the .RDF File Extension?

.RDF File Extension Description:

There were several identified ancestors of the Resource Description Framework (RDF). But technically, the closest was the MCF of Ramanathan Guha of Apple Computer. Contributions from Tim Bray, theories from the Dublin Core community, and activities from the Platform influenced the development of the RDF file extension for Internet Content Selection (PICS).

Utilized by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the RDF file extension was initially created as a metadata data model, but was later on used as an accepted method of modeling information using a variety of syntax formats.

Files with the .rdf file extension make statements about Web resources expressed in a "subject-predicate-object" form called "triples." The subject is a resource, which can be named by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Those resources, which are not directly identifiable, are called blank nodes or anonymous resources. The predicate is a resource as well, which expresses a relationship between the subject and the object. The object is a resource too and called a Unicode string literal.

In the Semantic Web activity of the W3C, the files with the .rdf file extension were used to store, exchange, and utilize machine-readable data disseminated throughout the Web allowing users to have access with available information with better efficiency and sureness.

The use of the RDF file extension, however, was not limited to the Semantic Web activity because the simplicity of its data model and its ability to model dissimilar and abstract concepts led to the increase use of the RDF file extension in knowledge management applications and in relational database or native representations.

A file with the .rdf file extension can present information in a formal and simple way enough for a machine to read it, thus serving its purpose of providing an encoding mechanism so that resources can be accurately described.

The RDF file extension has two serialization formats. One is the XML format often identified simply as the RDF file extension, which was used by W3C in its Semantic web activity. The other one is the W3C-introduced Notation 3 (or N3), a tabular-based notation designed for easy manual writing and considered much easier to follow than the XML format.

Author: World Wide Web Consortium
Author URL: http://www.w3c.org
Related Applications: Resource Description Framework
Common Path: N/A


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What are the Symptoms of .RDF files Errors?

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