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What is the .REP File Extension?

.REP File Extension Description:

The file extension .rep plays different roles for the various computer software applications that it supports and implements. The most common occurrence associated with the usage of the file extension .rep, is as a report template file for the customer management program ACT! Report template files like the file extension .rep, are commonly in the ASCII format which can be read, but normally not edited by standard text editor programs. ACT! began implementing the file extension .rep since the version 3 of the program for the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform.

Contact manager applications provide users with a tool for keeping track of their tasks and associates, and are commonly seen in the field of sales and utilized by managers, salespeople, and customer service representatives. The implementation of the file extension .rep allows for the creation of a database file of customers, which is based on predefined properties allowing for faster encoding of contents. The file extension .rep normally provides a guideline for the coding of information related to a customer's address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other pertinent data including interaction history.

ACT!, which is associated with the report template file extension .rep, has maintained its position as the number one selling software in the customer and contact management category. However, usage of the contact management application has steadily lessened with the incorporation of the functionality in some of the program suites in the market, like in the instance of Microsoft, where the features can be observed under the Microsoft Outlook program.

The file extension .rep also represents a report file for many different programs, that the most notable of all includes the Crystal Reports, which is implemented in conjunction with popular programming languages; the Complete Works and the Lotus Organizer, which is a component of the Lotus Suite. The .rep file extension report files can be described as similar to template files, which define a specific structure for the production of reports that can be viewed either on a computer screen or on a printing device.

The .rep file extension also represents the replay file of the computer games developed and marketed by Blizzard Entertainment, as well as the popular gaming series Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas). Replay files identified with the file extension .rep commonly implement a computer game feature that allows a user to review previously finished actions.

The analysis and surveying software application Sphinx, likewise implements the .rep file extension in relation to its response files.

Author: Sage CRM Solutions, Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Business Objects SA, Toplevel, IBM, Le Sphinx Dé:,velopement
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Related Applications: Act!, Blizzard Computer Games, Grand Theft Auto, Crystal Reports, Complete Works, Lotus Organizer, Sphinx Responses
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Cause for .REP files Errors:

.REP files errors are possibly severe Windows file errors and can be caused because of a broken registry entry that needs to be repaired immediately to prevent even further corruption in other applications and/or devices. During the time the errors remain your system stays capable of potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .REP files Errors:

Typical symptoms from .REP files errors include slower pc performance, excessive application start up times, problems saving documents, long suspensions in program functions, software shuts down without giving an error message, input freezing and programs crash.

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