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What is the .REQ File Extension?

.REQ File Extension Description:

The REQ file format is utilized by a number of FidoNet programs in transmitting their file requests. FidoNet is composed of thousands of computer systems in various parts of the globe that make up a network that employs a proprietary protocol to swap files and e-mail via modems. These computers are connected to each other for the basic purpose of transmitting e-mail in the Internet by coursing them through a group of gateway systems that converse with the Internet by employing the REQ file format via UUCP with smart-hosts utilizing the Unix OS acting as MX receivers. FidoNet is first and foremost network for Usenet News and e-mail.

Each system in FidoNet can interact with other systems through modems and telephone lines and give out a file request with the extension REQ to be delivered either as an e-mail or Usenet News. This application makes use of a Nodelist directory that is explored via node numbers to obtain the telephone number of the specific system destined to collect the files of the REQ format.

To simplify the sending out of Echomail across the computer network, satellites put on air every echo to ground receivers and transmit the e-mail to the appropriate systems that have puts out the REQ file format. Volunteer Echomail coordinators labor at each level under FidoNet's administrative structure to guarantee that the e-mail goes to its targeted destination. The International Coordinator monitors the overall operation and collaborates with the six Zone Coordinators which supervise the Regional Coordinators supervising over Net Coordinators.

FidoNet is just a part of several Fido Technology Networks (FTN). This application has been developed in lieu to its ground-breaking efforts. FTNs now dispatch files with the REQ extension to each other in order to obtain and send out Echomail and Netmail. At present, several FTNs have been developed to permit themselves of access via Internet through Telnet, either as a news server or as a web server.

Author: Fido Technology Networks
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Related Applications: FTN software
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The Common Cause of .REQ files Errors to Occur:

Upon experiencing errors with .REQ files you are likely experiencing a severe Windows error - the error can be the effect of corruption in your registry and action is required to correct it at once to avoid additional damage to your file system. During the time the errors persist your PC stays at risk for potential blue screen errors, device failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .REQ files Errors:

.REQ files errors bring forth numerous symptoms, including but not limited to: system freezes on start up or shut down, softwares crash, decreased system performance, internal speaker beeps, problems saving documents, slow system behaviour and trouble while installing software.

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What is the .REQ File Extension?    |    Scan for .REQ File Extension Errors    |    How to Fix .REQ File Extension Errors