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What is the .RIP File Extension?

.RIP File Extension Description:

The TeleGrafix Company introduced RIP (Remote Imaging Protocol) in 1993 and used the RIP file extension as its native format. RIP used the vector graphics protocol in EGA video mode that sends series of ASCII sequences and draws images on the RIP client's screen.

To create files with the .rip file extension, RIPscrip is used. It is a text-based scripting language for displaying online graphics, which conforms to 7-bit ASCII, avoiding the use of Extended ASCII characters. It is entirely object-oriented rather than raster-oriented, thus data is efficiently transmitted over x.25 networks and other carriers that do not support 8-bit binary transfer.

The RIP file extension became the graphics standard specification for BBS (Bulletin Board Systems). And because the files with the .rip file extension were only ASCII, they can be transmitted as messages just like ANSI art. They are tiny yet complex pictures that can be easily created with the 1KB net conference message limit.

The beginning of the file with the .rip file extension contains a header structure at file offset zero which is exactly four bytes in length. The C structure definition for the header of the RIP file extension is as follows:

struct iconfile_header {

int width; /* Width of image in pixels (minus 1) */ >

int height; /* Height of image in lines (minus 1) */ >


After the header follows each scan-line of the RIP file extension. Each scan-line is segmented into four chunks in 16-color mode. In 256 color mode, it is segmented into 8 chunks. All chunks of the scan-line are monochrome bitmaps of a horizontal line. Each chunk is padded to an even 8-pixels (bytes). Each of the scan-line chunks is merged together to create one full-scan-line bitmap.

After the first scan-line's segments follows the next scan-line's four segments (or 8), and so on. After all the scan-lines is 1-byte of "trash" data which is never used and its value is undefined

Author: TeleGrafix Communications, Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: RIPscrip, BBS
Common Path: N/A


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The Typical Reason for .RIP files Errors:

A common and likely reason for .RIP files errors is corruption in the Windows registry - fixing is necessary to protect against additional damage in other software and/or devices. As long as the errors continue your PC stays in danger of possible blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

Symptoms of .RIP files Errors:

Typical symptoms with .RIP files errors include slower system speed, long application start up times, trouble loading documents, extended suspensions in program procedures, programs closing without displaying an error message, input freezing and software lock up.

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