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What is the .ROO File Extension?

.ROO File Extension Description:

CODASYL (Conference on Data Systems Languages) was an IT (information technology) industry formed to guide the development of the programming language that could be used on computers. The goal of CODASYL was to promote effective data systems design, implementation and analysis. In 1965, the group formed a list processing task force to develop COBOL.

COBOL is one of the earliest programming languages developed. It is an acronym that stands for COmmon Business Oriented Language. Businesses, companies and governments for finance and administrative systems mostly use programs created by the programming language.

Oracles CODASYL DBMS is a database management system for the OpenVMS (Open Virtual Memory System) operating systems. Developed for databases, CODASYL DBMS provides a dependable operating platform for applications where stability and throughput is important. It is a powerful and reliable database environment.

The program also includes features for system management, optimizing system performance and enhancing user productivity. CODASYL DBMS can support very large memory addressing and hot standby. Hot standby stops the DBMS database from turning a single point failure by copying the database at a geographically inaccessible site.

CODASYL is divided into data models. DDL (Data Description Language) is defined as the scheme of the database. DML (Data Manipulation Language) on the other hand, defines and embed the programming language for updates and data requests.

Files with the .roo file extension contain root file systems that are used as system resources by the CODASYL Database Systems. These files are installed in the system after the program is properly installed. Root file systems with the ROO file extension contain the main directories needed by the program. The file extension ROO is attached to files that store functions needed by the application. Files with the .roo file extension contain both the source files and directory structure used for them. With the file extension ROO, the root file system can handle multiple database systems with no problems.

Author: Oracle Systems (,CODASYL DBMS),
Related Applications: CODASYL DBMS
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The Reason for .ROO files Errors:

.ROO files errors are possibly severe Windows registry errors and are caused due to a corrupted registry that should be repaired at once to avoid even further damage in other software and/or hardware. Receiving these errors puts your PC at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as hardware failure.

What are the Symptoms of .ROO files Errors?

.ROO files errors bring on many symptoms, including: pc hangs on shut down or start up, applications halt, decreased system performance, case speaker beeps, trouble loading documents, slow system behaviour and failure installing programs.

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