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What is the .RPL File Extension?

.RPL File Extension Description:

The file extension .rpl is linked to the public domain image analysis application Lispix, which is designed for the Microsoft Windows Operating System environment that includes basic image processing capabilities. The .rpl file extension supports functions found in ImageTool, Scion Image, ImageJ, NIH Image, and a host of other commercially available software applications including the utilization of special purpose research tool collections, implemented for spectral imaging and electron microscopy normally used at NIST. The functionality provided by the file extension .rpl however, is not limited to these, and in fact various usage in other research fields including the analysis and processing of data cubes or image stacks that are composed of image pixels that can be color, complex, real, integer, and bit formats.

The Lispix Raw format supported by the .rpl file extension is not similar to other Raw Images captured by digital cameras, which are utilized for the storage of various brightness levels obtained via the imaging chip, instead of simply storing the 256 varied color levels required by a JPEG format file. The file extension .rpl supported image however consists of continuous strings of numbers, which are saved either spectrum by spectrum, or image by image. The single images are saved using row by row, with all numbers using identical formats and commonly carrying the RAW file type.

The RAW image file has a corresponding text based file using the same filename and carries the .rpl file extension, which provides a list of the characteristics of the associated RAW format to allow loading with no human intervention required. The file extension .rpl is also known as a ripple file that is tab delimited, and is written together with any instance of the RAW format file.

The file extension .rpl is also implemented in various instances as in the case of label files generated by the business intelligence program Crystal Reports, related to the Visual dBASE development language.

The .rpl file extension also represents the replay file for two computer video game formats which are the: Tomb Raider (for early versions) and the Toribash in relation to its game progress points.

The replication file of the SMS (Systems Management Server) that does not implement transaction processing also uses the .rpl file extension. SMS provides organizations with a solution for configuration management to allow the delivery of relevant updates and software products, associated not only with Microsoft releases but third party developed programs as well.





Author: Business Objects SA, Eidos Interactive Ltd., Nabi Studios Pte Ltd, Microsoft Corporation, David Bright
Author URL: http://www.businessobjects.com/
Related Applications: Crystal Reports, Tomb Raider, Toribash, Systems Management Server, and Lispix
Common Path: C:/


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The Reason for .RPL files Errors:

A common and likely cause for .RPL files errors is damage in the Windows registry - cleaning is necessary to protect against more damage in other applications and/or system devices. As long as the errors continue your personal computer stays in danger of potential blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .RPL files Errors?

Common symptoms from .RPL files errors include slower system performance, extended program start up times, trouble opening files, excessive pauses in application routines, software ends without giving an error, input freezes and software lock up.

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