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What is the .RSC File Extension?

.RSC File Extension Description:

The .rsc file extension represents the various map areas utilized during game play for the computer video game Carnivores Ice Age. The file extension .rsc types are implemented as a complementary file to the MAP format types, which represent the actual game, maps. The .rsc file extension is normally installed in the AREAS subfolder under the folder of HUNTDAT together with other game data files, and supports the five hunting locations implemented during the game that also consists of six various weapons (sniper rifle, pistol, rifle, shotgun, x-bow, and double barreled shotgun). The file extension .rsc is also utilized to support the ten creature types included in the game which are classified into three categories; the Herbivores (Megaloceros, Mammoth, Wooly Rhinoceros, Brontoteriy, and Hog); the Carnivores (Cave Bear, Smilodon, Wolf, and Diatryma); and other species like the Archaeopteryx.

The .rsc file extension also represents the controller file for the Paint Shop software application utilized by another computer video game, the NASCAR Racing 2002, which is a PC, based car racing game that is made distinct from its competitors by its realistic appeal. The file extension .rsc supported game is part of a successful series of NASCAR racing games that provide an accurate motor sports portrayal to the player with an attempt to go beyond the arcade game experience with the integration of various controls and configurations that allow for user customization and the ultimate gaming experience.

Another popular usage for the file extension .rsc is in the form of a resource file format which is described as a containment unit for the set of icons, binary data, string tables, dialog boxes, menus, and other items associated with an application. The file extension .rsc in this context undergoes compilation to generate a suitable format that is often in the form of an EXE or a DLL format file where both the resources and the code are embedded. The resources stored in the file extension .rsc are commonly called during runtime and integrated into the program's flow.

Software applications that utilized the file extension .rsc in the context of a resource file include the electronic mail client Pegasus Mail and the various applications, which are designed to run under the Symbian Operating System platform.

Author: Action Forms Ltd., David Harris, Sierra Entertainment Inc., Symbian
Author URL:
Related Applications: Carnivores Ice Age, Pegasus Mail, NASCAR Racing 2002, and Symbian Applications
Common Path: C:/


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What Causes .RSC files Errors?

A common and likely reason for .RSC files errors is failure in the Windows program registry - cleaning is needed to avoid more corruption in other software and/or hardware devices. Dangers include hardware failure, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .RSC files Errors?

.RSC files errors produce a range of symptoms, including but not limited to: personal computer locks on shut down or start up, applications crash, decreased system speed, case speaker beeps, trouble loading documents, sluggish behaviour and trouble installing software.

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What is the .RSC File Extension?    |    Repair .RSC File Errors    |    How to Fix .RSC File Extension Errors