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What is the .RWS File Extension?

.RWS File Extension Description:

The most common implementation seen in relation to the file extension .rws is the representation for the symbol file, utilized in association with the C++ development environment Resource Workshop. The file extension .rws just like the binary file is considered as a deliverable but not a requisite for the execution of the created program, but rather plays a more important role in the debugging aspects which is classified under the production process of software application implementation. Many developers are not fully aware of the significant impact presented by symbol files, or their proper relevance in the process of transforming a source code written in the C++ language to a fully functional executable program.

The file extension .rws commonly contains the mapping information for the compiler generated machine code and the programmer written source code. Implementation of the .rws file extension assists the debugger in understanding the addresses attributed to functions, their parameters, and the variables which allows it to map them back to the referenced source code. The absence of the proper deployment of the file extension .rws may cause the debugger to wrongly represent the disassembly output, and fail to correctly interpret the associated machine code to its equivalent function name, which is resolved in the symbol file.

Another application for the file extension .rws is as a representation for the files associated with the Realworks Survey software, which is commonly deployed in 3D scanning operations for spatial imaging and surveying. The .rws file extension is normally related to the analysis of 3D pointcloud, and supports the utilization of rich data gathered from imaging sensors including their transformation to 3D visuals. The processing, managing, and analyzing of large datasets to produce the required in a timely fashion with an export function to CAD supported packages, is one of the distinct advantages presented by the usage of the .rws file extension.

The workspace of the direct access trading front end application REDIPlus likewise utilizes the file extension .rws for implementation in relation to US Equities, and deployment for institutional, as well as professional traders. The application is intended to simplify execution, at the same time providing anonymity and reliability for client expectations within the trading platform.

Author: Borland Software Corporation, TRIMBLE NAVIGATION LIMITED, Goldman Sachs Execution &:, Clearing, L.P.
Author URL:
Related Applications: C++, RealWorks Survey, REDIPlus
Common Path: User Defined


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The Reason for .RWS files Errors:

A common and likely cause for .RWS files errors is corruption in the Windows registry - fixing is necessary to prevent further damage in other applications and/or system devices. As long as the errors persist your computer remains capable of likely blue screen errors, system failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .RWS files Errors?

.RWS files errors bring forth a range of symptoms, such as: computer freezes on start up or shut down, programs freeze up, reduced personal computer performance, internal speaker beeping, trouble loading files, slow system behaviour and trouble installing applications.

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