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What is the .S$$ File Extension?

.S$$ File Extension Description:

The file extension S$$ in utilized by the provisional sorting of files facility for the software in Sprint smartphones. Another program which implements the S$$ file extension is Windows Mobile. The Microsoft SmartPhone which emerged from Windows Mobile 2003, the Pocket PC Phone version that operates on Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 2003 all have platforms capable of loading files of the S$$ format.

Handymark has collaborated with Sprint to offer Sprint smartphone developers with access to the best references, news and information on wireless and programmable cellular telephones that employ the S$$ file extension for their interim sort files.

The features of the Windows Mobile 2003 platform include: the provision of commands for the primary tasks required for developing smartphone applications; the presence of the Compact Framework of Microsoft .NET in the ROM of the Sprint smartphones to permit the execution of managed code programs on Windows Mobile 2003 smartphones; the possibility of executing programs written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or C#; provision of an emulator that can handle Game API for computer game developers, imitation a storage card by establishing a map for a particular drive on the desktop computer that serves as host and handling of synchronized devices through the Ethernet.

Sprint smartphones, which employ the S$$ file extension for their programs' momentary sort files, also have the ability to utilize Internet Protocol security with Layer Two Tunneling Protocol for establishing VPN links across public computer networks. Windows Mobile 2003 permits the capture of arriving text messages so that programmers can implement filtering rules; registration of Messaging Compose or Custom Read forms to match the programmer's application requirements; and the capability to configure various IP e-mail services, such as POP3 and IMAP4.

Sprint smartphones can also handle IPv6; offer more controllable functions for Bluetooth; the possibility to set off an application, which was previously terminated, when a WAP packet turns up; and handle WAP via SMS.

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Related Applications: Windows Mobile, Handymark
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What Causes .S$$ files Errors?

A common and likely explanation for .S$$ files errors is damage in the Windows registry - repairs are required to prevent more harm in other software and/or system devices. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .S$$ files Errors?

.S$$ files errors bring forth a range of symptoms, including: personal computer freezes while starting up or shutting down, applications lock up, reduced system speed, internal speaker beeps, trouble accessing files, sluggish behaviour and program installation problems.

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What is the .S$$ File Extension?    |    Repair .S$$ File Errors    |    How to Fix .S$$ File Extension Errors