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What is the .S3M File Extension?

.S3M File Extension Description:

The S3M file extension is an audio module application that is associated to a program comprised of musical score and sound samples that classifies notes that are being played back by the samples. The S3M file extension is allowed to store up to 16 tracks per module.

The file extension S3M supports the Scream Tracker, an all-around multi-track digital player designed by the Sami Tammilehto (Psi) in Finland's FC (Future Crew), a famous corporation in the computer demo scene. The Scream Tracker was coded in assembly language and C format.

In the year 1990, the first famous edition of the Scream Tracker was released as the version 2.2. Prior to the 3.0 versions, the STM file format later altered by the S3M file extension. The very last version 3.21 was published on 1994, a precursor in the tracking scene of computers and the interface that inspires new trackers such as the Impulse Tracker. All of the versions of the Scream Tracker originated from Future Crew.

The S3M file extension helps the Scream Tracker application to support on up to 100 8-bit demos, 256 order positions, 32 channels, and 100 patterns. It also has the following features for the user's convenience:

* Ability to play digital and FM equipments at the same time

* Can hold up to nine FM-blend stations on sound cards with the use of chipsets with OPL2/3/4

The S3M file extension is similar with the STM file, an Audio Tracker program by the Scream Tracker 2. The latter mentioned format can also carry patterns and tracks that can be played in the songs. The file extension S3M is applicable to the MacModPlay, Player Pro, CocoModX and Myriad Software Harmony Assistant (Mac Operating Systems).

Associated With: Scream Tracker 3.0, WinAmp with AdPlug and MODPlug, MacModPlay, Player Pro, CocoModX,

Author: Future Crew
Author URL: http://futurecrew.org
Related Applications:
Common Path: N/A


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What Causes .S3M files Errors to Occur?

.S3M files errors are possibly critical Windows errors and many times are caused because of a corrupt registry that should be rectified at once to protect against further corruption in other applications and/or hardware. Receiving these errors puts your computer at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even system device failure.

What are the Symptoms of .S3M files Errors?

.S3M files error symptoms include software freezes, start up or shut down problems, jerky personal computer operation, sluggish behaviour, input freeze, internal speaker beeps, trouble opening documents as well as errors during software installation.

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