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What is the .SCT File Extension?

.SCT File Extension Description:

The SCT file extension is one of the five file extensions used by the Scitex Systems. This is primarily designed to meet all the needs of an electronic publishing system. The other five extensions are BM (Bitmap Picture), LW (Linework Picture), PG (Page), and TX (Text) file extensions. SCT stands for Scitex Continuous Tone.

All five file extensions are part of the HandShake Foreign File Transfer Protocol, which has been the standard tool in defining the data storage formats and data interchange protocols between Scitex and non-Scitex systems since 1986. The SCT file extension is the only one to see a wider use outside of the Scitex Systems. Its main usage is to store CMYB truecolor raster image data commonly created by Adobe Photoshop.

Along with the other Scitex files, the files with the .sct file extension use five data types, namely ASCII, BYTE, integer, long integer, and floating point which are represented as strings to remove byte-ordering conflicts between systems, except for the BYTE data type which is considered a conventional representation of data.

The file with the .sct file extension contains one or two headers, which depend on how the file is stored. If stored on magnetic tapes or disks, it contains two headers. The Control Block, which is the first header. This contains information that identifies the name, type, and size of the file with the .sct file extension and measures 256 bytes in length. If stored on the disk, there is a 768-byte total of unused spaces You can follow the Control Block in order to have the pad blocked out towards the next boundary with about 1024 bytes. The second header is the Parameters Block which stores the information used in order to interpret the graphical and textual data stored in the file. Next to the Control Block and Parameters Block is the image data.

Files with the .sct file extension typically contain four color separations that are constantly stored by the scan line as well as defined to be in the order of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Each color can have up to about 16 separations in size equivalent to 128-bits. The rest of the separations (5 to 16) are reserved for future expansion of the file.

Each row of files with the .sct file extension is stored by color separation. The first separation data for a row is followed by the second and so forth. This is up to the number specified by the NumColorSeparations field.

Each pixel of the file with the .sct file extension can contain up to 16 separation components and each component is one byte in size. The CMYB pixel can contain 4 components that when added can have a total of 32-bits in size.

... All five Scitex ... .. Refer to the Scitex HandShake Foreign File Transfer Protocol document for more ... This header stores information used to interpret the graphical and/or textual data stored in the file. The Parameters Block appears in all HandShake files ...

Author: Scitex Corporation Ltd.
Author URL: http://www.scitex.com
Related Applications: Adobe Photoshop
Common Path: N/A


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What Causes .SCT files Errors to Occur?

.SCT files errors are potential serious Windows file system errors and may be brought on because of a faulty program registry that you should repair right away to prevent even further corruption in other applications and/or devices. Dangers include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal system crashes.

.SCT files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms from .SCT files errors include poor pc performance, extended software start up times, failure saving files, excessive suspensions in software routines, applications closing without giving an indication of error, screen freezing and software crash.

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