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What is the .SEQ File Extension?

.SEQ File Extension Description:

Insight II employs the SEQ file extension for files containing amino acid sequences. Insight II is a tool for molecular modeling that affords a graphical interface for homology modeling, molecular dynamics, electrostatics, and design.

Another software tool that utilizes the SEQ file extension is Life Forms Studio from Credo Interactive. Life Forms Studio is a low-cost character-animation tool that permits the user to construct animations based on key-framed image sequences or default models. These motion-capture animations could be obtained from any source. Life Forms can import or export animations from various formats and software, including 3D Studio Max, Inspire 3D, Maya, PowerAnimator, Cinema 4D, ElectricImage, Acclaim, BioVision BVH, and HTT Mocap.

PowerTracks Pro Audio is another tool that utilizes the SEQ file extension. It is a MIDI sequencer and an audio editing program rolled into one from PG Music Inc. Some of its attributes are:

* RealDrums, for generating digital drum sounds; Audio Chord Wizard, for locating chord symbols in a music file

* accurate "floating point" tempos

* the capability to rearrange or remix MP3 files

* MIDI normalization

* copying or pasting of lyrics from or to a lead sheet

* the capability to separate the notes for the MIDI Drum

* the ability to handle the Wireless DAW Controller called Tranzport

StreamPix is another tool that employs the SEQ file extension, particularly for its sequence files. It permits the user to capture live video from digital cameras or from an IEEE Firewire and store them into the hard disk.

The Chromeleon Chromatography Management System utilizes the SEQ file extension for its sequence lists. Chromeleon affords automation for various instruments in a laboratory. It has potent tools for studying and storing scientific data gathered from the automated instruments.

Other tools that employ the SEQ file extension include the CyberPaint sequence for animation in an Atari ST, the dnaLIMS DNA sequencing program from dnaTools, and Bubble Chamber.

Author: Accelrys Software Inc.
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Related Applications: Insight II, Bubble Chamber, Chromeleon Chromatography Management System, CyberPaint, dnaLIMS, Life Forms Studio, PowerTracks Pro Audio, StreamPix
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The Typical Cause of .SEQ files Errors to Occur:

.SEQ files errors are possibly critical Windows file system errors and may be caused by a damaged program registry that should be fixed right away to avoid additional failure in other software and/or hardware. Experiencing these errors places your system in danger for fatal crashes, blue screen errors as well as device failure.

What are the Symptoms of .SEQ files Errors?

.SEQ files error symptoms include program lock ups, shut down or start up troubles, jerky pc performance, sluggish behaviour, screen freeze, internal speaker beeps, problems accessing documents and errors during program installation.

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