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What is the .SF File Extension?

.SF File Extension Description:

The file extension .sf is used by the WorkPlace Shell, which is an object-oriented tool for IBM's desktop. The .sf file extension is intended to bring to IBM users' fingertips not only management, but also configuration functionalities of the system, which hypes on boosting the power of standalones.

The OS/2 shell and its associated components like the file extension .sf, were founded on the concept of Common User Access, which was radically counter to the previously implemented Program Manager User Interface of the operating system, which was also introduced in the Microsoft Windows 3.xx environment, including Apple's WIMP application oriented interface. The file extension .sf was also applied with the Warp3 and the Warp4 editions, and remains the implemented interface for the eComStation, which succeeded OS/2.

The WorkPlace Shell that generates the file extension .sf is brought together by IDL (Interface Definition Language), and is based on the SOM (System Object Model), which can be configured with the use of strings like VALUE or KEYWORD. The WPS features retroactive inheritance, which provides developers with the capability of modifying behaviors for one class that can extend to other classes, is useful in creating applications without the need to access the system's source code.

The PowerHouse application by Cognos (until it was absorbed by IBM) uses the file extension .sf with its subfile data, which is defined by the contents of the dictionary contained in the SFD format. The application associated with the .sf file extension, falls under the classification of high productivity programs for developmental solutions, which provide organizations with the valuable tools in maintaining enterprise critical programs that can be executed quicker, with minimum system resource allocation.

The .sf file extension is also applied as a sound file format related to electro-acoustical standards. The IRCAM associates the file extension .sf with audio processing and electronic music media that it develops, with the implementation of real time processing under a graphical development environment. The file extension .sf is used mostly for the storage of audio samples of CSound, which can be handled by various audio programs that have a codec for the format. The IRCAM has been responsible for the development of various audio technologies, which make it possible for electronic treatment and separate amplifications on various audio channels.

The file extension .sf also finds usage in the statistical program of STATGRAPHICS, which implements it as a data file. The statistical package is used for analysis of collated data, utilizing more than 150 statistical methods that include every conceivable phase from design to summary of experiment results.

Author: StatPoint, Inc., International Business Machines, Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique
Author URL:
Related Applications: Centurion, Powerhouse, OS/2 Operating System, MixView
Common Path: C:/


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The Frequent Cause of .SF files Errors:

.SF files errors are potential critical Windows errors and are caused because of a defective program registry that you should repair at once to protect against even further corruption in other software and/or hardware. Risks include device damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.SF files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Typical symptoms with .SF files errors include slower system performance, excessive program load times, trouble loading files, extended pauses in program routines, programs closes without an error message, screen freezing and applications lock up.

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