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What is the .SFO File Extension?

.SFO File Extension Description:

The SFO file extension contains a Bit stream font file or fontware that can be set up on textual applications on computer operating systems. The SFO file extension is an exclusively format container of computer applications supporting the CuteFTP file format. The said application works on a computer networking system that provides a file transfer program running on the either a Window-based or Mac-based interface.

The SFO file extension is the most fitting format to contain FTP. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was built on a network protocol used to transfer data file from a single computer to another by means of network. The SFO file extension is a format capable of carrying the content(s) of the CuteFTP format. The SFO file extension is the format being imposed within files for transfer between one computers to another by using a network.

The SFO file format has a container format that can be set up on an FTP server. This can also operate under a platform with the similar text file format by means of ASCII mode.

The SFO file extension is a data format only available to applications using the CuteFTP format. The CuteFTP content is usually requires files to have a data format to contain file bit and bit stream. This should enable the system of receiving and transferring file(s) to other computers. The SFO file extension provides a text format by means of the ASCII code available within select applications.

Various data can use the ASCII character code to be able to import and transport letters, numbers and characters. By means of the SFO file format, the content format of the file transfer protocol or the FTP client that is capable to run on the windows operating system is sustained through its supposed performance.

URL Author:

Associated Application: FTP, FTP server, ASCII

Author: GlobalSCAPE
Author URL: http://
Related Applications:
Common Path: N/A


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The Frequent Reason for .SFO files Errors:

.SFO files errors are potential serious Windows file errors and are often caused due to a faulty registry entry that you should rectify at once to avoid further damage in other applications and/or devices. Having these errors puts your system at risk for fatal crashes, blue screen errors and even hardware failure.

What are the Symptoms of .SFO files Errors?

.SFO files error symptoms include software lock ups, shut down or start up troubles, jerky personal computer operation, laggy behaviour, input freeze, internal speaker beeps, trouble saving documents as well as errors during program installation.

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