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What is the .SFP File Extension?

.SFP File Extension Description:

A soft font is the general term given to fonts that can be added and supplied to the printer, the kind of which depends on the specific printer and the requirements of its users. Early HP LaserJet printers supported only soft fonts because of their 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution. These soft fonts called the PCL Bitmap have fixed sizes and cannot be scaled.

HP Laserjet printers support two types of soft font files: the file with the .sfl file extension which contains HP soft fonts in landscape orientation (Soft Fonts Landscape) and the file with the .sfp file extension which contains HP soft fonts in portrait orientation (Soft Font Portrait). These files are device specific bitmap representations of a typeface.

Each file with the .sfp file extension is created for each required size. This means that if the typeface required is at 10, 12, and 14 points in regular and italic weights, six kinds of files with the .sfp file extension need to be produced. Additionally, each file is created at a specific resolution of 300 or 600 dpi and can only be used on the printer with equal or greater resolution. Each contains an array of pixel values instead of drawing commands, just like ordinary bitmapped fonts. As a result, it produces a fixed size character, which cannot be scaled or resized.

Files with the .sfp file extension are usually referred to as downloadable fonts since they need to be downloaded to the printer before they can be used. This process is done using the DOS copy command. Once downloaded, the files with the .sfp file extension remain resident in the printer until another command is sent to delete the downloaded file or until the printer is switched off.

The major advantage of files with the .sfp file extension is that there is no printer specific hardware involved. They reside in the RAM (Random Access Memory) area instead of the ROM (Read Only Memory) in the printer. Once these files have been added to the printer, sending an escape sequence <esc> that selects the font to be used can access them.

There are several methods of sending files with the .sfp file extension to the printer, depending on the platform and connection used.

* If the printer is directly connected to the computer via parallel port or via LAN, use the Copy command;

* If the printer is connected to a TCP/IP network, use the LPR command.

Author: Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Author URL: http://www.hp.com
Related Applications: Copy command, LPR command
Common Path: N/A


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The Reason for .SFP files Errors:

.SFP files errors are possibly critical Windows registry errors and can be brought on because of a broken program registry that should be fixed immediately to avoid further failure in other applications and/or hardware. During the time the errors continue your PC stays capable of possible blue screen errors, hardware failure and fatal crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .SFP files Errors?

Common symptoms with .SFP files errors include poor system performance, excessive software load times, failure opening documents, long breaks in application routines, software ends without displaying an indication of error, input freezing and applications crash.

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