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What is the .SH3 File Extension?

.SH3 File Extension Description:

Files in the .sh3 file extension are presentations that are created with the Harvard Graphics Presentation Software. This program lets other users view your presentations in their computer, even if they do not have a copy of Harvard Graphics. Microsoft PowerPoint can open files in the .sh3 file extension as well.

The Harvard Graphics program can produce professional looking presentations that are saved in the .sh3 file extension. They can be used for computers, overhead transparencies, 35mm slides, for the Web, or for paper output. The Harvard Graphics Presentation software has templates that are pre-built, as well as design tips to make persuasive presentation files in the .sh3 file extension. Presentations can be created by an 'Advisor' that offers guidance on content and design. It has features that are convenient to assist users in speeding up creation of presentations.

Harvard Graphics was first released in 1986 and was the first presentation program to include graphs, charts, and text all in one application. It provides simple solutions to produce presentation in slides; graphics that are drawn with different tools and charts that are based on data. The award-winning software now lets users create presentations with Animation and 3D effects, which deliver presentations with great audience impact.

Files in the .sh3 file extension can contain animated characters, three dimensional effects, and backgrounds from the hundred design options of the software. Presentation files in the .sh3 file extension can be published on the web using Flash, and filters for import and export can convert it PowerPoint presentation files.

The Harvard Graphics Presentation software lets you use 15,000 images in clip-art, numerous effects for bullets and titles, different chart types that include bar, pie, line, stock, organization, and scatter charts. Files in the .sh3 file extension can also contain imported graphic and text from Windows applications. These presentations can be customized with bullet builds, slide effects, and sounds.

Author: Harvard Graphics
Author URL:
Related Applications: Harvard Graphics Presentation Software, Microsoft PowerPoint
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/ Harvard Graphics


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The Reason for .SH3 files Errors:

When receiving errors with .SH3 files you are potential experiencing a critical Windows registry error - this error could be the effect of damage to your program registry and you should act to correct it at once to prevent additional damage to your file system. Risks include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal crashes.

.SH3 files Errors - Common Symptoms:

Common symptoms with .SH3 files errors include reduced pc performance, extended application load times, problems loading documents, long pauses in program procedures, software closing without an error, screen halts and programs lock up.

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