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What is the .SHP File Extension?

.SHP File Extension Description:

The most common implementation associated with the file extension .shp is in relation to the function of a shape file. The .shp file extension is closely identified with the ArcView GIS geographic software application that is implemented for mapping purposes. The file extension .shp provides a set of data to the geographic analysis program that represents various collections of geographic features that include notable locations, boundaries (based on ZIP Code), and streets. The file extension .shp likewise represents an area, line, or point feature with every shape file object being attached to a single attribute or feature of geography.

ESRI uses the .shp file extension as a popular data format for geospatial vector for its GIS software application; it was developed mostly based on open specifications allowing data interoperability specifications among other products produced by the company. The file extension .shp in the context of its GIS implementation references a set of files that includes SHX, DBF, LAKES, and other common extension formats, which are required for the complete distribution of geographic data. The .shp file extension's geometric representations can symbolize any geographic feature like rivers, water wells or even lakes which correspond to polylines, points, and polygons respectively.

The file extension .shp lacks the ability to contain topological data and was introduced under the second version of the ArcView software application and is now accessible via various third party software applications related to GIS. Primarily considered simple because of its storage of primitive geometric data, that have limited implementation values due to the absence of attributes to specifically identify their representations, it represents infinite possibilities when combined with data attributes.

The implementation as a shape file of the file extension .shp under the 3D Studio and the AutoCAD software applications allows it to function in relation to image files, which are generated, mainly in a 3D environment. The image associated is commonly three dimensional represented with polygons defined with lines and vertices or can even be related to a two dimensional drawing. The extension type is also considered as text font source files for the AutoCAD program.

Other usage of the file extension .shp extends to the ship list of the Clarion for Windows development utility as well as the representation for the file associated with the computer video game Command & Conquer.

Author: Autodesk Inc., Electronic Arts Inc., ESRI, SoftVelocity Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: AutoCAD, 3D Studio, ArcView, Clarion, Command &:, Conquer
Common Path: C:/ Program Files/


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The Cause for .SHP files Errors:

When receiving errors with .SHP files you are in all likelihood having a severe Windows file error - your error might be the effect of corruption to your registry and action is required to correct it right away to avoid additional damage to your file system. Dangers include system device damage, blue screen errors and fatal program crashes.

.SHP files Errors - Common Symptoms:

.SHP files error symptoms include software freezes, shut down or start up troubles, slow personal computer operation, sluggish behaviour, screen halts, beeping sounds, problems saving documents and problems while installing applications.

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