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What is the .SHR File Extension?

.SHR File Extension Description:

There are two distinct types of programs that are seen utilizing the file extension .shr, which are of different classification. The file extension .shr is applied by the program T-ShirtMaker to the generated design file, which is utilized for producing customized designs for the different types of shirt manufactured by Hanes.

The T-ShirtMaker program, that produces the file extension .shr, was intended to assist users in producing t-shirts that can be used for gifts or as a customized representation of a person's preference. The program has hundreds of built-in templates ready to be implemented to cater to the user's design needs. The user also has the option to import his preferred image into the file extension .shr to produce a truly custom design.

The templates of the program are designed to provide the user with an advanced view of the final product, prior to printing it on a transfer media. The chosen design is saved in the file extension .shr, to allow the user the comfort of introducing future revisions to the design, or to print subsequent copies. The templates generally cater to all categories of the t-shirts manufactured by Hanes, but the program can also be utilized to generate an .shr file extension for other materials such as mouse pads, bags, or other similar items, that can be utilized in combination with a transfer media.

The file extension .shr can accommodate images of various formats, and from different sources like a digital camera, a scanner, or from a photo editing software. The T-ShirtMaker program was specifically created to assist in the transfer printing process via its print feature, to make sure that images will be transferred correctly to the intended medium.

The file extension .shr is likewise implemented in the UNIX Operating System environment, and applied to a generated archive. The file extension .shr is specifically identified with the shell archive of the operating system, which is generally concatenated without the use of a compression method that produces scripts having inherent decompressing instructions.

The .shr file extension is essence, is capable of self-extraction with the instructions on how to complete the process embedded within the archive itself. Commonly, the file extension .shr is implemented in Bourne shells of the UNIX system, and is also closely associated with the SHAR format type. The file extension .shr is automatically interpreted by the UNIX shell and does not require a specialized program installed, which makes it a practical choice for sending files. The .shr file extension is only usable on UNIX systems, which make it practically useless in other operating system platforms.

Author: Hanesbrands Inc., Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Author URL:
Related Applications: T-ShirtMaker, GNU Shar, UNIX
Common Path: C:/


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The Reason for .SHR files Errors:

A common and likely reason for .SHR files errors is corruption in the Windows registry - cleaning is essential to prevent further damage in other software and/or hardware devices. Risks include hardware damage, blue screen errors and fatal software crashes.

What are the Symptoms of .SHR files Errors?

Typical symptoms with .SHR files errors include reduced system speed, excessive program load times, failure loading documents, excessive pauses in application procedures, applications ends without giving an error, input freezes and software crash.

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